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Cult of the Lamb: Tarot Cards

As you embark on your crusades in Cult of the Lamb, you’ll collect Tarot Cards that enhance your character’s abilities for the duration of the expedition. This guide provides a comprehensive list of all the cards and how to unlock them. What are Tarot Cards and where can you find them? All Seeing Sun Ambrosia … Read more

Guide and Walkthrough for Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is a video game that offers players 48 different trophies and achievements to unlock. This page contains a comprehensive list of all the achievements and trophies, along with instructions on how to obtain them. Whether you’re playing Gotham Knights on Steam, PS5, or Xbox Series X/S, this guide will provide you with a … Read more

Like a Dragon Ishin: Available Editions

If you are interested in purchasing Like a Dragon Ishin, there are several editions available. This guide will provide you with information about the contents of the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions, as well as pre-order bonuses and release dates. Standard Edition Digital Deluxe Edition Pre-order bonuses Standard Edition The Standard Edition of the game … Read more

Lost Ark: Can You Use a Controller?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can use a gaming pad to play Lost Ark, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will answer the question of whether or not Lost Ark supports controllers and which input method is better for gameplay. Does Lost Ark support controllers? Controller or keyboard – which is … Read more


How to defeat Megarachnoid boss in The Ascent? This guide will provide you with tips on how to take down the challenging Megarachnoid boss in The Ascent’s Empowerment mission. The Megarachnoid is the final boss encountered in The Ascent’s Empowerment mission. This guide will explain how to prepare for the fight and defeat the boss. … Read more

Sons of the Forest: Release date

This page of the Sons of the Forest guide provides information on the release date of the game, including the start of early access and the full version release date. Due to delays, Sons of the Forest will be released in Early Access instead of the originally planned full version. This guide page will give … Read more

Diablo Immortal: Ashwold Cemetery – Location Map

Ashwold Cemetery is the first location players will explore in Diablo Immortal. This map highlights various areas such as Hidden Lairs, side quests, and Haunted Altars. Players will also encounter the Tax Collector boss during the Haunted Carriage event. Key Points of Diablo Immortal – Ashwold Cemetery Possible Hidden Lair locations Side quests for Exploration … Read more

Witcher Monster Slayer: Optimal Skill Build

In this guide for The Witcher Monster Slayer, we have compiled a list of essential skills to prioritize in order to improve your gameplay experience. Aard Sign Quen Sign Acquired Tolerance Fast Metabolism Fleet-Footed Anatomical Knowledge Hit Reflection Aard Sign Effect: This sign deals kinetic damage and stuns the enemy for one second. How to … Read more

Forspoken: List of All Trophies and Achievements and How to Unlock Them

Our guide for Forspoken’s trophies and achievements will help you unlock all 54 and get the coveted platinum trophy. We’ve provided descriptions for each achievement and tips on how to meet their requirements. This page contains a comprehensive trophy guide for Forspoken, with all 54 trophies listed. You’ll need to obtain all of them to … Read more


Callisto Protocol: Where to Find Secret Rooms for The Commonality Trophy This guide will help you unlock The Commonality achievement in the Callisto Protocol game by locating the 2 Secret Rooms associated with the trophy. These rooms can be found in the Aftermath and Below stages. To obtain The Commonality trophy, you must explore both … Read more