Where to Find Delvin Mallory

New primary objective: Seek Delvin Mallory’s help Leave the Dawnstar Sanctuary. If you saved Cicero’s life before, he will be waiting for you here (as seen in the screen above). Don’t worry, he won’t harm you, and you can even ask him to join your journey (as seen in the screen above). Open the world … Read more


Grass Harvesting Trick in Farming Simulator 22 In this guide for Farming Simulator 22, you will learn a trick that will help you harvest a large amount of grass in a single go. The following page of the Farming Simulator 22 guide presents a trick that will help you collect a large amount of grass … Read more

Alchemy – Effects – p.2 | Crafting

This section of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide provides a comprehensive list of effects that can be obtained through alchemy. The second column of the table below displays the ingredients required to achieve the desired effect, such as the ability to breathe underwater or increase resistance to any element. EFFECT INGREDIENTS TO ACHIEVE EFFECT … Read more

Pieces of the Past – p. 1

Starting the Quest Requirements for the Quest: This quest becomes available once you reach level 20. It is recommended to wait as long as possible to start this quest as it involves several difficult fights, including those with boss-level enemies. Once you reach level 20, a courier will approach you in one of the major … Read more


Minikit Sets in “The Good, the Bad and the Hungry” Level Minikit 1 To get the first minikit, you need to choose a character who can extinguish fires, like Storm or Iceman, and put out all flames on the right at the beginning of the fight with Galactus. Minikit 2 The second minikit is hidden … Read more

Days Gone: Crafting Guide

This page contains all the necessary information about crafting in Days Gone. Our guide explains how to use the crafting option and its applications, as well as the requirements for collecting materials to create new items. What are the fundamental crafting mechanics in Days Gone? How can you acquire new crafting plans? Where can you … Read more

Rescuing Stan Lee | Map Locations

1 – Head to the Marvel Building and use a character with telepathic abilities like Jean Grey to take control of the guard behind the window. Turn left and activate the computer to open the gate and rescue Stan Lee from peril. A new mission will appear on the map. 2 – Find the chess … Read more

Can You Change Your Character’s Appearance in New World?

In this New World guide, we’ll answer the question of whether or not it’s possible to change your character’s appearance in the game. New World provides players with a wide range of options to personalize their characters, including different faces, hairstyles, scars, and tattoos. But can you change your character’s appearance after you’ve created them? … Read more

Cleaning House

How to unlock: Meet with Scout Harding. Quest giver: Scout Harding (M5,1) Upon meeting Scout Harding, she informs you about the missing members of the Inquisition. This quest becomes available after your initial meeting with Scout Harding (M5,1) at The Storm Coast. She informs you that all contact with the Inquisition members has been lost, … Read more

Retrieve the Heart of a Snowy Wyvern

To unlock this quest, speak with Vivienne after completing the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest as well as the enchantress quests beforehand. Quest giver: Vivienne (M12,1) Vivienne After completing the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts main quest in Skyhold, speak with Vivienne (M12,1). She will ask you to find the heart of a snowy … Read more

In Exile

How to initiate: Speak with Sigrid. Quest provider: Sigrid (M31,9) Sigrid is the one who provides the quest. Head north of Lieutenant Farrow’s outpost to an ocularum in the central-west part of the map (near some rocks) to find Sigrid’s (M31,9) residence. She will inform you that she is an outcast, but won’t divulge any … Read more

Oh No!

How to trigger the quest: Speak to Varrik in Skyhold after finishing the “Here Lies the Abyss” main mission. Quest giver: Varrik (M12,20) Entry to Valammar You will know that the quest is available when you see an unknown woman standing next to Varrik in Skyhold. When you join the conversation, you will receive the … Read more

Joining a Company/Guild in New World

If you want to join a Company (guild) in New World, this guide will tell you how. Companies are groups of players within a faction that work together to control regions and participate in wars and invasions. To join a Company, you must first be part of the same faction. For example, a Marauder can … Read more

Reclaiming the Lion

How to unlock: Automatically triggered upon entering Emprise du Lion Quest-giver: – (M15,1) Upon arrival in Emprise du Lion, you’ll discover that the area has been taken over by Templars. Your mission is to make your way to the central keep and eliminate the hostile forces along the way. Be prepared for a challenging journey, … Read more

PlayStation 4 | Controls

Move your character Adjust camera position Look around your surroundings Sneak up on targets Activate actions that require agility or take on disguises Hide behind cover, drop or move bodies Engage in melee combat or use items Interact with objects or pick up items Retrieve or hide your gun Access your inventory Drop items Run … Read more