Callisto Protocol: Where to Find Secret Rooms for The Commonality Trophy This guide will help you unlock The Commonality achievement in the Callisto Protocol game by locating the 2 Secret Rooms associated with the trophy. These rooms can be found in the Aftermath and Below stages. To obtain The Commonality trophy, you must explore both … Read more

Diablo Immortal: Charms

Charms are items that players can use when they reach endgame content in Diablo Immortal. Charms can increase the power of a player’s skills by up to 10%, but they can be expensive to create, and creating the perfect Talisman may require the use of Platinum. In this guide, you will learn about Charms in … Read more

This page of The Witcher Monster Slayer guide provides a walkthrough of the alchemy section, which includes various skills such as Oil Preparation, Brewing, Bomb Creation, and Enhanced Oils. These skills can be obtained at different levels and skillpoint costs, and some skills have specific effects

Potions Master To access this skill, players must reach level 30. The Potions Master skill allows players to have an increased chance of creating an extra potion. This skill requires 15 skillpoints and players must be at least level 35 to unlock it. FAQ 1. What are Alchemy skills in Witcher Monster Slayer? Alchemy skills … Read more

List of Traders in NieR Automata

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Diablo Immortal: Duration of the Game

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Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo

If you’re playing Like a Dragon: Ishin and want to discover all the hidden secrets and activities, our interactive map of Kyo City will help. We’ve marked locations for Substories, martial arts masters, mini-games, loot containers, shrines, friendly NPCs (Bonds) and fast travel points to make your exploration easier. This page of the Like a … Read more


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Fast attack, Silver

Wraith Specters Fast attack, Silver Relics Name Type Vulnerabilities Giant Centipede Relics Strong attack, Steel Golem Relics Strong attack, Quartered, kinetic damage Hybrids Name Type Vulnerabilities Chort Hybrids Strong attack, Silver, fire Forktail Hybrids Strong attack, Silver, kinetic damage That’s all the information about legendary monsters in The Witcher Monster Slayer game. Knowing their types … Read more

The Witcher Monster Slayer: Monster Resources Guide

This guide page for The Witcher Monster Slayer details the resources that can be obtained from defeated monsters, categorized according to the types of monsters found in the game. Insectoids Hybrids Relicts Necrophages Specters Ogroids Elementals Vampires Draconids Cursed Ones Insectoids Insectoids drop: Insectoid remains Powdered monster tissue These ingredients can be used to create … Read more