A Chance Arrangement

How to Activate the Quest

To start this quest, open the world map and locate Riften, which is situated in the south-eastern part of Skyrim (as shown in the screenshot above). If you have already explored that region, you can fast travel to Riften. If not, you will have to travel there manually. The easiest way is to use a carriage, such as the one found at Whiterun Stable. Alternatively, you can start from Ivarstead and follow the road signs heading east towards Riften.

Regardless of your chosen mode of travel, you need to approach the city from the northern side (as shown in the screenshot above). The first time you try to enter Riften, you will be stopped by the Riften Guard. You can either pay the entry fee or use your Speech skill to convince or intimidate the guard. Once you have gained access to the city, head to the main gate to enter.

You can find the characters who will lead you to the Thieves Guild either at The Bee and Barb (at night) or on the marketplace (during the day). Brynjolf will approach you once you get close to him. He will ask you to steal a ring from Medasi and plant it in the pocket of the merchant Brand-Shei.

Thieves Guild quest unlocked: A Chance Arrangement

New Main Objective: Meet Brynjolf During the Daytime

Leave The Bee and Barb and stay at the Riften main square. According to Brynjolf, you can only meet him here during the day (between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.). If it is not the right time, you can either sleep or wait until morning. Press T and select the desired amount of time to pass. Find Brynjolf (as shown in the screenshot above) and talk to him to start the quest. He will call the other traders to him, allowing you to begin the mission.

New Main Objective: Steal Madesi’s Ring

Go to Madesi’s stand and stand near the sliding door. Make sure you are crouched and hidden (as shown in the screenshot above) so you won’t be detected by the guards. Check around to ensure no guards are approaching. You will need a few lockpicks to open the door. It is useful to have items or skills that boost the Sneak skill, but it is not necessary. If you are caught during the mission, you will have the option to pay a fine, go to prison, or fight the Riften Guards directly.

After stealing the ring, you will need to break into Madesi’s chest. Again, ensure that you are hidden before attempting to open the chest (as shown in the screenshot above). Use the lockpick to open the chest and take all the items, especially Madesi’s Ring.

Updated goal: Plant Madesi’s Ring

Head back to where Brynjolf is giving his speech and stand in the spot indicated on the screen above, which is behind Brand-Shei. Crouch down and ensure that you’re still concealed (the game should inform you of this, rather than displaying an eye icon). Press E to open the pickpocket menu.

Access your own inventory, select Apparel, highlight the recently acquired Madesi’s Ring (as indicated on the screen above), and press R to place it in the pocket of the trader you interacted with. You can then close the window.

Updated goal: Speak with Brynjolf

Return to Brynjolf. If you successfully stole and planted the ring, you’ll receive a reward in gold. If you were caught during the act, he’ll express his disappointment in you. Regardless of the outcome, Brynjolf will have additional tasks for you to complete.

Thieves Guild quest unlocked: Taking Care of Business


What is A Chance Arrangement?

A Chance Arrangement is a type of quest in the game Skyrim. It involves a meeting with a mysterious stranger named Brynjolf in the city of Riften, who offers the player a chance to join the Thieves Guild. The quest involves a series of tasks that the player must complete in order to prove their worth to the guild, including pickpocketing, burglary, and other criminal activities. The ultimate goal is to become the leader of the Thieves Guild and restore its former glory.

How do I start the A Chance Arrangement quest?

To start the A Chance Arrangement quest, the player must first travel to the city of Riften and speak to Brynjolf in the marketplace. He will initiate a conversation and offer the player a chance to join the Thieves Guild. The player must then complete a series of tasks to prove their skill and loyalty to the guild. These tasks may include pickpocketing, burglary, and other criminal activities.

What are the rewards for completing the A Chance Arrangement quest?

The rewards for completing the A Chance Arrangement quest and joining the Thieves Guild are numerous. The player will gain access to the guild’s headquarters, where they can train in pickpocketing and lockpicking skills, as well as receive special assignments and rewards for completing them. They will also gain access to a fence, who will buy stolen goods from the player at a higher price than other merchants. Ultimately, the player has the opportunity to become the leader of the Thieves Guild and gain control over all of its operations.

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