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New Main Objective: Locate the Stormcloak Messenger

Note! This mission is part of the Reunification of Skyrim main Imperial Legion Quest, and its completion is necessary to proceed to the next section.

According to Rikke’s advice, you can locate the messenger in one of two inns. The first one is The Nightgate Inn (as shown above), but it is more difficult to get to because it is not located in any town. If you decide to go there, start your journey from Korvanjund ruins and head northeast. The inn is located on a hill.

The second inn is The Candlehearth Inn (as shown above), and it is easier to get to as it is located in Windhelm. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about being attacked by the Stormcloaks by going to their main city; they will only say that you are not welcome there.

It does not matter which inn you select because the storyline is the same for both. Approach the innkeeper (Hadring in The Nightgate Inn or Elda Early-Dawn in The Candleherath Inn) and request the Stormcloak Messenger (as shown above).

The innkeeper refuses to disclose any information about their customers, leaving you with a few choices. The best option is to use highly increased Speech to persuade the innkeeper to tell you what you need to know (as shown above) or to intimidate them. If you fail, you can also bribe them or simply wait for the messenger to arrive at the inn.

New Main Objective: Retrieve the Stormcloak Messenger’s Package

If you manage to persuade one of the innkeepers to tell you about the messenger, his current location will be added to your map. He is most likely on the way between the two inns, and if so, you can meet him there. When you locate the messenger (as shown above), you can speak to him or attack him. The main advantage of this method is that you will not be seen and attacked by any third party. After the fight, inspect the messenger’s body and take the Stormcloak Documents.

If you fail to persuade either of the innkeepers to tell you anything about the messenger, or you simply want to avoid violence, you can stay at the inn, fast forward time, and wait for the Stormcloak Messenger to arrive (as shown above).

When he arrives, wait until he goes to rest (as shown above). This way, you can easily rob him or kill him in his sleep, leaving him no chance to fight back. In the latter case, make sure your actions go unnoticed by the innkeeper or other guests. Check if the Stormcloak Documents have been added to your Inventory.

New Main Objective: Deliver the Documents to Legate Rikke

Open the world map and return to the Pale Imperial Camp where Legate Rikke is located. Find Legate Rikke and hand her the messenger’s documents (as shown above). She will edit the contents and send you to the Stormcloak Commander in Dawnstar with the forged documents.

New Goal: Deliver the fake papers to Frokmar Banner-Torn

Access the world map and travel to Dawnstar, situated towards the east of the Imperial Legion’s base. Depending on the time, Frokmar Banner-Torn might be found in a building or walking through the town (as shown in the above screenshot). Engage in a conversation with him, during which you will automatically hand over the documents.

Note! You can now resume your mission to Reunify Skyrim (with the primary objective being to regain the Pale).


1. What is A False Front quest in the Imperial Legion Quests?

A False Front is a quest in the Imperial Legion Quests in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is the second quest in the questline and involves the player character being sent to Dawnstar to retrieve a Stormcloak courier and a package he is carrying. The package contains false orders that will lead the Stormcloaks into a trap set by the Imperial Legion.

2. Who gives the A False Front quest?

The A False Front quest is given by Legate Rikke, a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Legion. She is based in Solitude and is responsible for overseeing the Legion’s operations in Skyrim. The player character must speak to her to begin the quest and receive their orders.

3. What are the rewards for completing A False Front?

Upon completing A False Front, the player character will receive a monetary reward and a promotion within the Imperial Legion. The exact amount of gold and the rank the player character is promoted to will depend on their current level and rank within the Legion. Additionally, completing this quest is necessary to progress further in the Imperial Legion Quests.

4. Can A False Front be completed without joining the Imperial Legion?

No, A False Front is a quest in the Imperial Legion Quests and requires the player character to have joined the Imperial Legion. If the player character has not joined the Legion, they will not be able to receive this quest or progress further in the questline. However, it is possible to complete the opposing questline for the Stormcloaks, which involves similar objectives but from the opposing perspective.

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