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In this section of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the A Scroll For Anska side quest. To complete this quest, you’ll need to explore the High Gate Ruins, talk to Anska, explore the dungeon, and duel with Vokun. You’ll encounter a variety of monsters, such as Draugrs, during your journey. Additionally, you’ll need to solve a puzzle.

  • New main objective: Help Anska retrieve her scroll
  • New main objective: Return the scroll to Anska

New main objective: Help Anska retrieve her scroll

{ramkaczarwona}Note: This quest is related to the Dragon Priests Masks, so it’s best to complete it while obtaining one of the eight masks needed for the collection.{/ramkaczarwona}

To begin, open the world map and head to the High Gate Ruins located in the northern part of Skyrim (as shown in the image above). If you haven’t discovered this location yet, start at Dawnstar and head west. Once you arrive at the ruins, find Anska in one of the first rooms and speak to her. She’ll inform you that she’s discovered the crypt of the Dragon Priest Vokun and is searching for a specific scroll. It’s worth offering your assistance, especially since Anska will join you as an independent ally (you don’t need to abandon your current companion).

Prepare for a long and arduous journey, filled with Draugrs of all types – Draugr Wights, Draugr Scourges, and Draugr Deathlords. Adapt your strategy depending on the type of Draugr you’re fighting – warrior, archer, or mage. After reaching the larger room, head up the stairs and through the passage in the northeast corner (as shown in the image above).

Markings on the map: 1 – Hawk lever; 2 – Fish lever; 3 – Wolf lever; 4 – Snake lever.

Continue fighting your way through the Draugrs until you reach a larger room where you’ll need to solve a relatively simple puzzle. Examine the southern part of the ceiling and observe the four symbols shown in the image above. They indicate the correct order in which you should pull the levers in this room. Start by pulling the lever with the hawk symbol, then the fish, the wolf, and finally the snake lever. The location of the levers is marked on the map above (the first two levers are on the upper level and the last two are on the lower level).

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, use the newly unlocked stairs in the middle of the room to reach the door leading to the High Gate Ruins Catacombs. Here, you’ll need to battle more Draugrs, paying special attention to the “sleeping” ones and not letting them attack you from behind. Descend the next set of stairs to the lower level and continue exploring the catacombs. Be cautious while passing through the southern corridor (as shown in the image above), as the area is filled with traps activated by standing on a pressure plate.

Eventually, you’ll come across a small room with a lever (as shown in the image above). Pull it to open the side room and release a Draugr. Defeat the monster and search the room for another lever. Interact with it to open the adjacent room. Eliminate the Draugr Scourge Lord and pull the third and final lever. Proceed through the unlocked eastern passage and open the door to Vokun’s Throne Room. Save your progress as you’ll need to fight the boss.

Head east and battle Vokun, the Dragon Priest boss (as seen in the image above). Beware of his powerful magical attack and keep an eye on Anska to ensure she doesn’t become the center of attention. After the fight, examine the Priest’s remains and acquire the Vokun Mask required for a side quest mentioned earlier.

New main objective: Return the scroll to Anska

Use any set of stairs to access the eastern room. Locate the Sealed Scroll (as shown in the image above), take it, and return it to Anska. She’ll reward you with the Spell Tome: Conjure Flaming Familiar. However, don’t forget to explore the area to find a chest and a Word Wall with the Word of Power – Wrath, Storm Call. You can exit the throne room easily by following the north corridor.


What is the quest “A Scroll for Anska”?

The quest “A Scroll for Anska” is a side quest in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The quest involves helping Anska, a mage who is searching for an ancient scroll that belonged to her ancestors. The scroll is said to contain powerful magic that Anska hopes to use to gain more power for herself. The player must help Anska find the scroll by exploring a Nordic ruin called Valthume, which is infested with undead enemies. Once the scroll is obtained, the player can either give it to Anska or keep it for themselves.

What are the rewards for completing “A Scroll for Anska”?

The rewards for completing “A Scroll for Anska” include gold and the opportunity to learn two new shouts. The first shout is called “Disarm,” which allows the player to disarm an enemy of their weapon. The second shout is called “Aura Whisper,” which allows the player to detect nearby life forces and hidden enemies. In addition to these rewards, completing the quest also earns the player the gratitude of Anska, who may offer to become a follower or potential marriage partner. Overall, “A Scroll for Anska” is a worthwhile quest for players who enjoy exploring Nordic ruins and uncovering ancient secrets.

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