A Stormcloack in Chains | Quest Walkthrough

Here are the solutions for “A Stormcloack in Chains” quest in Skyrim: Bruma.

Starting location: Fort Pale Pass

Quest giver: Legate Precilius Varo

Upon reaching the fort, you witness a scene where Legate Precilius Varo is having trouble with a captured prisoner who refuses to speak. He wants information desperately and thus, assigns you the task of speaking with the prisoner in the dungeon.

Speak with the prisoner.

Go to the tower and talk to the guard at the gate. Inform him that the Legate has sent you and he will allow you to pass. The guard also informs you that the fort is now on alert and the gates behind you are closed. Head inside, go down the stairs, and reach the cell where the prisoner is kept. Speak with the prisoner – Bjarni Shatter Stone. You have to make a crucial choice here. You can either try to interrogate him (using threats, persuasion, or illusion) or try to free him.

Accompany the guard and investigate the noise.

In the first option, you have to extract information about how he got close to the Imperial base. Then, wait for a prison guard and go with him. The guard will inform you that you need to persuade the prisoner to provide you with a list of his associates. Return to the prisoner and start interrogating him. You learn that he belongs to a certain Stormcloack faction and he arrived with six companions.

A fight breaks out between the Imperials and the Stormcloacks in the fort.

Inform the guard of everything you have learned. Suddenly, you hear a noise – the Stormcloacks have returned for their ally. Defeat the enemy, go to the captain of the guards, and inform him of the threat. Head outside and witness a battle between the two sides of the conflict. Speak with the captain and inform him that the prisoner is still in the dungeon.

You can either provide the information to the agents or fight them.

In the next step, you have to wait a moment for the Imperial agents to arrive. They will inquire about information related to the prisoner. You can tell them everything you know, and they will demand the prisoner be handed over to them. This is your final chance to save the prisoner – you can attack the agents and try to save Bjarni. Otherwise, once the agents have been teleported, speak to the captain and complete the quest (600 gold).

In the second option, you can assist the Stormcloack agent. During the conversation, inform him that you want to help him. The man will be delighted and request that you free him from the cell.

To escape from prison, you have two options – either get the key from the Jailor or use a lockpick to open the gate. Once the gate is open, Bjarni will suggest freeing other prisoners. At this point, you can either force open the cells to equip and free the prisoners or try to sneak out without releasing anyone.

After making your choice, you must leave through the gates and decide whether to head to the captain’s quarters to obtain a horn that summons allies or run to the outside terrain. Although you will face many enemies, you should be able to handle them. Ultimately, you will reach the outside terrain where you will part ways with Bjarni, ending the mission successfully.


1. What is the A Stormcloak in Chains quest?

The A Stormcloak in Chains quest is a mission that players can take on in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this quest, players must travel to the city of Solitude and speak with a man named Falk Firebeard, who will give them the task of infiltrating the city’s prison and rescuing a Stormcloak soldier who is being held captive there. The mission involves sneaking past guards and fighting enemies to reach the captive soldier and free him from his cell.

2. How do I start the A Stormcloak in Chains quest?

To start the A Stormcloak in Chains quest, players must first complete the Liberation of Skyrim quest, which is part of the main questline in Skyrim. Once this quest is finished, players will receive a letter from Falk Firebeard inviting them to meet with him in Solitude. Upon meeting with him, he will give the player the A Stormcloak in Chains quest and explain the details of what needs to be done.

3. What are some tips for completing the A Stormcloak in Chains quest?

Some tips for completing the A Stormcloak in Chains quest include bringing along a follower to help with combat, sneaking past guards and using invisibility spells or potions to avoid detection, and using the environment to your advantage by hiding behind objects or using traps to take out enemies. It is also helpful to have plenty of healing potions and spells on hand, as the mission involves several battles with tough opponents.

4. What are the rewards for completing the A Stormcloak in Chains quest?

Completing the A Stormcloak in Chains quest rewards players with a significant amount of gold and experience points, as well as the satisfaction of helping to free a fellow Stormcloak soldier. Additionally, completing this quest is necessary in order to progress further in the Liberation of Skyrim questline and ultimately help the Stormcloaks gain control of the province.

5. Can the A Stormcloak in Chains quest be completed by players who have joined the Imperial Legion?

No, the A Stormcloak in Chains quest is only available to players who have joined the Stormcloak rebellion. Players who have joined the Imperial Legion will not receive this quest and cannot complete it.

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