Abomination | Defeating the Boss

Defeating Abomination requires strategy rather than brute force. Start by selecting Wolverine and head to the right until you reach the sniffing area. Look for the fragile spot on a pile of boxes nearby and switch to Hulk. Pick up a container and throw it at the shiny breach.

Climb the wall as Wolverine, jumping between two white-and-blue walls to reach the top of the tower. Defeat some enemies and turn left, using a spotlight to temporarily blind Abomination. Then switch to Hulk and hit him during an easy QTE sequence.

You’ve completed the first part of the fight, now it’s time for the second. Select Wolverine and head towards the pile of sand on the left side of the location. Unearth a ladder from it (you must construct it first from the debris). Climb to the first floor, sniff the sticky wall on the right, and reach the tower on the right. Use a claw switch to unlock another spotlight – you know what to do with it.

To deal the final blow, switch back to Wolverine. Use the lift on the first floor and go to the left platform, fighting your way among prisoners. Destroy a pile of junk and build another claw switch from the debris. Use the spotlight to blind Abomination for the last time and defeat him as Hulk. Congratulations, you’ve completed this mission!


What is Abomination in boss fights?

Abomination is a type of boss that can be encountered in various video games. This boss is typically large and very powerful, with unique abilities and attacks. Abomination bosses are often the final challenge in a game, requiring players to use all of their skills and strategies to defeat them. These bosses may also have multiple phases, each with its own set of challenges and attacks.

How do you defeat an Abomination boss?

Defeating an Abomination boss requires careful planning and execution. Players must first identify the boss’s weaknesses and attack patterns, then use this knowledge to avoid its attacks and deal damage. Some Abomination bosses may have specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited, such as weaknesses to certain elements or types of damage. Players may also need to use specific equipment or abilities to overcome the boss’s defenses.

What are some examples of Abomination bosses?

Examples of Abomination bosses include Ganon from the Legend of Zelda series, the Hydra from Dark Souls, and Diablo from the Diablo series. Each of these bosses is unique in its abilities and attacks, requiring players to adapt their strategies and tactics to overcome them. Other examples of Abomination bosses can be found in games such as Final Fantasy, God of War, and Elder Scrolls.

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