Acquiring Horses for the Inquisition

Unlocking: To obtain horses for the Inquisition, you must finish the quests for Master of Horses, Farmland Security, and Trouble with Wolves.

Quest Giver: Master Dennett (M3,1a)

Master Dennett

Once you have completed the quests for Elaina and Born, you can speak with Master Dennett (M3,1a) to request horses for the Inquisition. The quest simply involves a brief conversation.

Rewards: Upon completing the quest, you will receive the following:

  • Medium amount of experience
  • 80 Influence points
  • 2 Power points
  • A new agent


1. What role did horses play during the Inquisition?

Horses played a significant role during the Inquisition as they were used by the Inquisitors to travel long distances and quickly reach their destinations. The Inquisition was a period of intense religious persecution in Europe during the Middle Ages, and the use of horses helped the Inquisitors to effectively carry out their duties. Horses were also used to transport prisoners who were accused of heresy or witchcraft to trial or to the execution site. They were also used by the Inquisitors to carry their equipment and supplies while on the move.

2. Were horses persecuted during the Inquisition?

No, horses were not persecuted during the Inquisition. In fact, they were highly valued and widely used by the Inquisitors. Horses were seen as an essential tool for the Inquisitors to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. Horses were well taken care of and trained to handle the demands of their job. They were fed and provided with water regularly, and their health was closely monitored. Horses were seen as valuable assets and were not mistreated or persecuted in any way during the Inquisition.

3. Did the Inquisition have any impact on the breeding of horses?

The Inquisition did not have any direct impact on the breeding of horses. However, it did indirectly influence the demand for certain types of horses. The Inquisitors needed horses that were strong, durable, and could travel long distances without getting tired. This led to the breeding of certain types of horses that were suitable for this job. For example, the Andalusian horse was a popular breed during the Inquisition due to its strength and endurance. The demand for these types of horses increased during the Inquisition, and this led to a greater focus on breeding horses that were suitable for long-distance travel and hard work.

4. Are horses still used in religious ceremonies today?

Yes, horses are still used in religious ceremonies today in many parts of the world. For example, in Spain, horses are used during the Holy Week processions to carry statues of saints through the streets. In Mexico, horses are used during the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to carry the image of the Virgin Mary in a procession. In India, horses are used during the Holi festival to participate in parades and processions. Horses have played an important role in religious ceremonies throughout history, and they continue to be a significant part of many religious traditions today.

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