Adding a New Party Member: A Friend of Red Jenny

How to Unlock: Automatically triggered when you approach the Mysterious Arrow stuck in the ground.

Quest-Giver: – (M4,1)

This quest opens up during your stay in Val Royeaux. This location is visited as part of one of the main storyline quests. Explore the central yard in Val Royeaux and search for the Mysterious Arrow shown in the above screenshot (M4,1). Examine it to display a note on the screen and add a new item to your log.

Your next objective is to find three items hidden around Val Royeaux. The order in which you find them does not matter. Head to the bottom level and explore the area around the cafe (M4,1a) and the docks (M4,1b). Additionally, visit the upper level of the market place (M4,1c). Reach the upper level by selecting one of the fast-travel points on the map. In each case, press the scanning key/button and collect the Red Handkerchiefs.

Collecting all three handkerchiefs unlocks a new location on the world map, the Secluded Courtyard, marked in the above screenshot. Travel there.

Upon reaching the Secluded Courtyard, you will need to defeat a group of mercenaries. Eliminate the archers first, then deal with the bandits who fight in melee. After the fight, move into the next area where you will meet the elf archer Sera.

Engage in conversation with Sera and pick the dialogue option to invite her to join your party. Be careful towards the end of the conversation, as you will need to decide whether to have her join your party or send her away. It is best to invite her to join.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • New Ally: Sera
  • Experience (minimal)
  • 80 Influence points
  • 1 Power point


What is A Friend of Red Jenny?

A Friend of Red Jenny is a new party member that can be recruited in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is a mysterious and elusive character who operates in the shadows, and her true identity is unknown. She is known for her intelligence, cunning, and ability to manipulate people and situations to achieve her goals. She is also an expert in espionage and subterfuge, making her a valuable asset to any party.

How do I recruit A Friend of Red Jenny?

To recruit A Friend of Red Jenny, you must first complete the quest “Red Jenny’s Stashes” in the Emerald Graves region of the game. This quest involves finding and opening several hidden stashes that belong to Red Jenny. Once you have completed the quest, you will receive a message from Red Jenny herself inviting you to meet her. Follow the quest marker to the designated location, and you will be given the option to recruit her into your party.

What are A Friend of Red Jenny’s abilities?

A Friend of Red Jenny is a rogue class character, and her abilities reflect her expertise in stealth and subterfuge. Her unique ability is “Mark of the Rift,” which creates a powerful explosion that damages all enemies within a large radius. She also has access to several other abilities that allow her to quickly move around the battlefield, avoid detection, and deal massive damage to enemies. In addition, she has a number of passive abilities that increase her effectiveness in combat and make her an even more valuable asset to any party.

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