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This page of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide provides a complete list of alchemy ingredients. Each component’s possible effects, unique characteristics, weight and cost are detailed.

The table shows various ingredients and their effects in the game. Each row lists a specific ingredient and its corresponding effects, including resistances, fortifications, and restorations. Some ingredients can only be obtained by killing certain creatures or searching specific areas, while others can be found as plants. The rarity and difficulty of obtaining an ingredient can also affect its value and usefulness in the game. Overall, the ingredients play an important role in potion-making and character development in the game.


What is the importance of ingredients in alchemy?

Ingredients play a crucial role in alchemy. They are the building blocks of the potions, elixirs, and transmutations that alchemists create. Different ingredients have different properties and effects, and it is up to the alchemist to choose the right combination of ingredients to achieve their desired result. Some ingredients are more rare and difficult to obtain than others, adding an element of challenge to the alchemical process. Additionally, some ingredients have symbolic meaning in alchemy, representing different qualities or stages of the alchemical process. Therefore, a deep understanding of ingredients and their properties is essential for any aspiring alchemist.

Can any ingredient be used in alchemy?

While alchemists traditionally used a wide range of natural substances in their practice, not all ingredients are suitable for use in alchemy. Some substances are toxic or dangerous, and should not be handled without proper training and equipment. Others may not have the necessary properties or energies required for alchemical work. It is also important to note that alchemy involves a spiritual as well as a physical process, and some alchemists believe that certain ingredients must be obtained or prepared in a specific way to be effective. Therefore, it is important for alchemists to carefully research and select their ingredients, and to approach their work with a respectful and mindful attitude.

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Jarrin Root

Causes damage to stamina, magicka, magicka regeneration and health



This ingredient is unique because it can only be obtained once during the game, while completing the Dark Brotherhood quest, To Kill an Empire. It is important not to use it to poison the emperor’s favorite dish as he can be killed without it. Additionally, it is crucial not to consume the root as it causes instant death.

Jazbay Craters

Causes weakness to magic, fortifies magic, regenerates magic, and ravages health



Juniper Berries

Causes damage to stamina regeneration, weakness to fire, fortifies marksman, and regenerates health



Large Antlers

Causes damage to stamina regeneration, fortifies stamina, restores stamina, and slows down



You can obtain antlers by killing a deer or an elk.


Causes resistance to magic, fortifies stamina, fortifies conjuration, and ravages magicka



Luna Moth Wing

Causes invisibility, damage to magicka, fortifies light armor, and regenerates health



You can catch moths in mid-air after dark.

Moon Sugar

Causes resistance to frost, weakness to fire, restores magicka, and regenerates magicka



This is a rare ingredient, and the easiest way to obtain it is to check with Khajiit traders, most of whom travel with Khajiit caravans.

Mora Tapinella

Fortifies illusion, causes lingering damage to health, restores magicka, and regenerates stamina



You can find this fungus mostly near dead trees.

Mudcrab Chitin

Causes resistance to fire, resistance to poison, restores stamina, and cures disease



You can find chitin by killing a mudcrab.

Namira’s Rot

Causes damage to magicka

Ingredients and their Effects in Skyrim

Fortify lockpicking

Increases lockpicking skills

Regenerate health

Gradually restores health over time


Causes enemies to flee in terror

Damage magicka regeneration

Reduces the target’s magicka regeneration rate

Damage health

Reduces the target’s health

Fortify destruction

Increases destruction magic damage

Lingering damage stamina

Gradually reduces the target’s stamina over time

Damage stamina

Reduces the target’s stamina


Makes the caster invisible for a period of time

Resist magic

Increases resistance to magic attacks

Nordic Barnacle

Allows the user to breathe underwater

Damage magicka

Reduces the target’s magicka

Fortify pickpocket

Increases pickpocketing skills

Orange Dartwing

Increases pickpocketing skills

Lingering damage health

Gradually reduces the target’s health over time

Restore stamina

Restores the user’s stamina

Ravage magicka

Reduces the target’s magicka by a large amount


Increases resistance to shock

Fortify block

Increases blocking skills

Pine Thrush Egg

Increases resistance to shock

Weakness to poison

Increases susceptibility to poison attacks

Powdered Mammoth Tusk

Increases susceptibility to fire attacks

Fortify sneak

Increases sneaking skills

Purple Mountain Flower

Increases resistance to frost

Lingering damage magicka

Gradually reduces the target’s magicka over time

Red Mountain Flower

Reduces the target’s health

Fortify magicka

Increases maximum magicka

Ravage magicka

Reduces the target’s magicka by a large amount

River Betty

Reduces the target’s health

Fortify alteration

Increases alteration magic skills

Fortify carry weight

Increases carrying capacity


Reduces the target’s movement speed

Rock Warbler Egg

Reduces the target’s stamina

Weakness to magic

Increases susceptibility to magic attacks

Fortify one-handed

Increases one-handed weapon skills

Restore health

Restores the user’s health

Eggs can be found in nests of rock warblers.


Sabre Cat Tooth

Killing a sabre cat may yield a tooth that can be used to fortify heavy armor and smithing, restore stamina, but also has weakness to poison.


Salt Pile

Mostly found in kitchens and supply rooms, salt piles can be used to inflict weakness to magic, but also to fortify restoration, regenerate magicka, and slow down enemies.


Scaly Pholiota

This fungus is usually found near tree trunks and can be used to fortify illusion, carry weight, and regenerate stamina, but also has weakness to magic.


Silverside Perch

Found in lakes, rivers, and the ocean, this fish can be used to resist frost, restore stamina, damage stamina regeneration, and ravage health.


Skeever Tail

Tails from killed skeevers can be used to damage stamina regeneration and health, fortify light armor, and ravage health.


Slaughterfish Egg

Eggs found in coastal areas can be used to resist poison, fortify stamina and pickpocket, and cause lingering damage health.


Slaughterfish Scales

Scales obtained from killing slaughterfish can be used to resist frost, fortify block and heavy armor, and cause lingering damage health.


Small Antlers

Antlers from killed elks can be used to damage health, fortify restoration, cause lingering damage stamina, and inflict weakness to poison.


Small Pearl

A rare ingredient that can be found by visiting various merchants, small pearls can be used to resist frost, fortify one-handed, restoration, and restore stamina.





These berries can be found in snowy areas and can be used to resist fire, shock, frost, and fortify enchanting.


Spider Egg

Eggs found in spider lairs can be used to damage stamina and magicka regeneration, and fortify marksman and lockpicking.




Spriggan Sap