All New, Faded for Her

How to Unlock: Speak with Solas at Skyhold.

Quest Provider: Solas (M12,17)

Approach Solas and listen to his problems.

Find Solas (M12,17) at Skyhold and converse with him. He will request that you locate his friend in Exalted Plains. Prior to receiving the quest, you must listen to several other subjects or travel to another area and return.

The Demon in Exalted Plains

When you arrive at Exalted Plains, head southeast along the river (M18,5a). A demon will be waiting there. To obtain Solas’ assistance, avoid killing the demon and instead destroy the summoning stones surrounding it.

Once the stones have been destroyed or the battle has ended, a new conversation will begin – allow Solas to kill the mages to receive his support. Finally, return to Skyhold and speak with him.


  • Experience (a lot)
  • 400 Inquisition influence
  • 3 Inquisition power


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