Areas in The Fallow Mire

Method of unlocking: Automatically unlocked after arriving at The Fallow Mire.

Quest giver: – (M9,9)

Each major location has a quest that involves exploring all of its areas, even if only briefly. The Fallow Mire has a total of 8 areas.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • 200 Influence points


1. What are the regions in The Fallow Mire?

The Fallow Mire is a dark and eerie swampland located in the southeastern part of Ferelden. There are several regions within The Fallow Mire, each with its own unique features and challenges. These regions include The Mire, The Cove, The Misty Grove, The Dank Cave, and Old Crestwood.

2. What is The Mire?

The Mire is the largest region within The Fallow Mire. It is a vast expanse of swampy land filled with abandoned buildings, undead creatures, and dangerous wildlife. The Mire is home to several quests and side missions, including the “Lost Souls” mission where you must help a group of refugees escape the swampland.

3. What is The Cove?

The Cove is a small region within The Fallow Mire that is located on the eastern side of the swampland. It is a secluded area that is only accessible by boat. The Cove is home to several smugglers who are involved in illegal activities. You must navigate through the Cove to reach the Abandoned Fishing Village and complete the “Fishing Lessons” mission.

4. What is The Misty Grove?

The Misty Grove is a mystical region within The Fallow Mire. It is a dense forest filled with ancient trees and a thick mist that obscures vision. The Misty Grove is home to several spirits and undead creatures that you must defeat to complete the “A Spirit in the Mist” mission. Be careful as the mist can disorient you and make it difficult to navigate through the forest.

5. What is Old Crestwood?

Old Crestwood is a region located on the outskirts of The Fallow Mire. It is a former village that was abandoned due to the flooding of a nearby lake. Old Crestwood is now home to undead creatures and a dangerous dragon that you must defeat to complete the “Here Lies the Abyss” mission. Be prepared for a challenging battle as the dragon is one of the toughest enemies in the game.

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