Assassination of the Emperor

New main objective: Report to Astrid

Return to Astrid and inquire about the crucial contract. The plan is to attend a feast held by the emperor, disguised as the Gourmet who was killed in a previous quest. Once you enter the heavily guarded Castle Dour, assassinate the emperor. Astrid suggests poisoning one of the meals and provides a Jarrin root for the task.

New main objective: Report to Commander Maro

Leave the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary, refer to the world map, and go to Solitude. Upon arrival, travel to the Castle Dour in the northern part of the city, meet Commander Maro (shown in the screen above), and present the Gourmet’s Writ of Passage to gain entry.

New main objective: Report to Gianna

Use the door leading to the Emperor’s Tower of the Castle Dour. Locate a kitchen by heading south once inside the castle and talk to Gianna (shown in the screen above) to introduce yourself as the Gourmet. She will ask you to wear a chef’s hat before continuing.

New main objective: Report to Gianna while wearing a chef’s hat

Find and pick up a chef’s hat from the shelves and replace your current headgear with it. Return to Gianna, who will inform you that the emperor has requested the Gourmet’s signature dish, Potage le Magnifique.

New main objective: Make the Potage le Magnifique

Gianna will ask for ingredients periodically since she is not familiar with the recipe. You may select ingredients from the list or remain silent; either way, the dish will be prepared. At the end, Gianna will ask if you want to add anything to the dish. To poison it with a Jarrin root, select the bottom dialog option (shown in the screen above). If you make a mistake, don’t worry, as there is another way to eliminate the emperor.

New main objective: Follow Gianna to the dining room

Wait for Gianna to transfer the soup to a stew pot, move away, and then follow her to the dining room on the upper floor where the emperor and his guests are feasting (shown in the screen above).

New main objective: Kill the Emperor

You may eliminate the emperor Titus Mede II in two ways. If you have not poisoned the soup or do not want to wait, assassinate him personally (shown in the screen above). This solution has one major drawback as all local guards will attack you immediately.

The strategy to eliminate the emperor involves waiting for Gianna to serve his soup and then poisoning it. The assassination should be carried out as soon as he starts tasting the dish. It is recommended to position oneself near the narrow passage at the back of the room. After the emperor’s death, the door in the southern part of the room will unlock. This door should be used to escape the tower.

Regardless of how the emperor was eliminated, it is necessary to escape the tower as soon as possible. The door in the southern part of the room will unlock upon the emperor’s death. This makes it easier to escape if he was poisoned. If not, it is advisable to wait near the door to avoid complications.

Once outside the tower, the main character will encounter Commander Maro on the large bridge. Maro will reveal that the emperor who was killed was not the real one, and that the Dark Brotherhood was betrayed by one of its members. Maro intends to destroy the organization and exact revenge for his son’s assassination. The new objective is to return to the sanctuary.

After speaking with Maro, the main character will be attacked by Penitus Oculatus agents. The Shout Unrelenting Force can be used to eliminate them quickly. After defeating them, the main character must run inside the tower and go down the stairs. If fast enough, there will be no encounters. Otherwise, new opponents will appear, and the main character can either fight them or try to bypass them.

It is important to get away from Solitude as quickly as possible. Fast travel is not possible due to being pursued. One option is to pay a fine or go to jail. Another is to travel to Falkret and then walk or ride a horse to the Dark Brotherhood’s sanctuary. The quest ends upon approaching the entrance to the hideout. The Dark Brotherhood unlocked quest is Death Incarnate.


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