Astrariums and Ocularums in Crestwood

Overview of M13 Crestwood – Astariums and Ocularums – Dragon Age: Inquisition

This guide will provide solutions to the quests related to Astrariums and Ocularums in Crestwood. Please note that there are no Ocularums or shards in Crestwood.



The map above displays the locations of Astrariums and Ocularums in Crestwood.

Astrarium 1

The first Astrarium (M13,1a) can be found on the hill to the South of the starting point of the map.

Astrarium 2

The second Astrarium (M13,1b) is located to the East, near the entrance to the cave with wyverns.

Astrarium 3

The third and final Astrarium (M13,1c) is situated on the Southern hill, close to the single cottage.

The Unlocked Cave

The cave can be found in the big canyon at the center of the map. One of the boulders opposite the entrance to regular caves has been removed, revealing the entrance.


What are astrariums and ocularums in Crestwood?

Astrariums and ocularums are two interactive objects found in the region of Crestwood in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Astrariums are ancient machines that have fallen into disrepair. However, with the help of the Inquisitor, they can be restored and used to unlock constellation puzzles that reveal a hidden location. Ocularums, on the other hand, are elven artifacts that reveal hidden landmarks and points of interest on the map. Like astrariums, they require the Inquisitor’s assistance to restore power and activate. Both astrariums and ocularums are optional activities that provide lore and rewards to the player.

Are astrariums and ocularums necessary to complete Crestwood?

No, astrariums and ocularums are optional activities in Crestwood. However, completing them can provide benefits such as unlocking a hidden location or revealing additional points of interest on the map. Additionally, solving the constellation puzzles in astrariums can provide a unique challenge for players who enjoy puzzles and riddles. Whether or not to complete astrariums and ocularums is ultimately up to the player’s preference and playstyle.

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