Astrariums and Ocularums in the Frostback Basin

Main Points of M31 Frostback Basin – Astrariums and Ocularums – Dragon Age: Inquisition



There are three astrariums and several ocularums located in the Frostback Basin. The map above shows their locations, and solutions to quests related to astrariums are provided below. Details on the rewards for collecting all of the shards using ocularums can be found in the Mystery of the Winter quest walkthrough.

Astrarium 1

The first astrarium (M31, 1a) is located in the central area of the Frostback Basin, to the west of the camp. The puzzle is difficult.

Astrarium 2

The second astrarium (M31, 1b) is located north of the starting camp. You can approach the rock from the south. The puzzle is easy.

Astrarium 3

The third and final astrarium (M31, 1c) is located northwest of the Avvar village, near a large gate. The puzzle is medium difficulty.


What are astrariums and ocularums in The Frostback Basin?

Astrariums and ocularums are interactive puzzles and landmarks found in The Frostback Basin region of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Astrariums are ancient astronomical devices that require the Inquisitor to solve puzzles to unlock the secrets hidden within. Ocularums, on the other hand, are ancient telescopes that allow the Inquisitor to see and mark nearby landmarks and points of interest on their map.

What do you get for completing astrarium puzzles in The Frostback Basin?

Completing astrarium puzzles in The Frostback Basin rewards the Inquisitor with a treasure map that leads to a hidden cache of rare loot. The treasure map is found in the final astrarium puzzle, which can only be accessed after completing the first three. The loot found in the hidden cache is randomized but can include valuable crafting materials, weapons, and armor.

Are ocularums required to complete The Frostback Basin in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

No, ocularums are not required to complete The Frostback Basin in Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, they do provide a useful way to mark nearby landmarks and points of interest on the map, making exploration and completion of quests easier. Additionally, finding all of the ocularums in The Frostback Basin earns the Inquisitor the “Allied with the Stone” achievement/trophy.

How many astrarium puzzles and ocularums are in The Frostback Basin?

The Frostback Basin in Dragon Age: Inquisition contains three astrarium puzzles and nine ocularums. The astrarium puzzles are found in different locations throughout the region, and each one requires the Inquisitor to solve a unique puzzle. The ocularums are scattered throughout the region and can be found near landmarks, camps, and other points of interest.

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