Astrariums and Ocularums in The Hinterlands

Important Points about Astrariums and Ocularums in The Hinterlands of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Astrariums and Ocularums are two important elements in The Hinterlands.

Astrariums are puzzles that need to be solved, while Ocularums are related to a quest in the game.

The locations of astrariums and ocularums in The Hinterlands have been marked on the map above. The solutions to the astrarium puzzles are given below.

Astrarium 1

The first astrarium (M3,1a) is located on the hill to the North of the farms. The puzzle here is quite easy to solve.

Astrarium 2

The second astrarium (M3,1b) is located in the middle of the map, to the South of the farms. You can easily reach it from the south.

Astrarium 3

The third and final astrarium (M3,1c) is located to the South-East of the first campsite, where you start the game. You need to head south along the stone wall to find it easily.

The Unlocked Cave

The entrance to the cave

The unlocked cave is located in the hideout of the Apostates. After you have unlocked all the astrariums, you can cross a passage behind a boulder at the top of the stairs. Inside, you will find several interesting items.


What are astrariums and ocularums in The Hinterlands?

Astrariums and ocularums are interactive puzzle structures found in the Hinterlands region of the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. Astrariums are ancient machines that were used by the elves to predict the future, while ocularums are magical telescopes that reveal hidden landmarks and treasures. Both structures require the player to solve a series of puzzles in order to unlock their rewards.

How do you solve the puzzles in astrariums and ocularums?

The puzzles in astrariums involve connecting a series of stars in a specific pattern to reveal a hidden image or map. The trick is to find the correct starting point and follow the connecting lines in the right sequence. Ocularums, on the other hand, require the player to focus the telescope on a series of hidden landmarks, which are revealed as glowing orbs. The challenge is to locate all of the orbs within a limited time frame.

What are the rewards for solving astrarium and ocularum puzzles?

The rewards for solving astrarium puzzles include unique schematics for crafting powerful weapons and armor, as well as rare materials and resources. Ocularums, on the other hand, reveal hidden landmarks and treasures that can be looted for valuable items and equipment. Both structures offer a fun and rewarding challenge for players who enjoy exploring the open world of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Are astrariums and ocularums necessary for completing The Hinterlands?

No, astrariums and ocularums are optional content in The Hinterlands and are not required to complete the main questline. However, they offer a fun and challenging distraction for players who want to explore the region in more detail and uncover its many secrets.

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