Astrariums and Ocularums in The Western Approach

Important Points to Note in The Western Approach – Astrariums and Ocularums – Dragon Age: Inquisition



The map of The Western Approach shows the locations of astrariums and ocularums. The solutions to the puzzles in astrariums are explained below. Ocularums have a separate quest in the game.

Astrarium 1

The first astrarium is located in the keep to the West (M19,1a). After capturing the keep, climb to the top to find the astrarium.

Astrarium 2

The second astrarium is in the North (M19,1b), which can be accessed after completing the “Trouble with Darkspawn” side quest.

Astrarium 3

The last astrarium is on the elevation (M19,1c). To reach it, cross Coracavus and reach Fort Echo, where a cave will lead to the astrarium.

The Unlocked Cave

The unlocked cave is located near the encampment at the ruined tower in the West. Inside, find interesting items and a scheme for the Master Fire Rune on the wall.


1. What are astrariums and ocularums in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Astrariums and ocularums are two types of puzzles found in the role-playing video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. Astrariums are ancient devices that require the player to solve a series of puzzles in order to unlock a map of the area. The map reveals hidden locations, including shards and loot. Ocularums, on the other hand, are orbs that allow the player to zoom in on specific landmarks in the area. By using ocularums, the player can reveal hidden caches of loot or activate more astrariums. Both of these puzzles are optional but offer rewards for completion.

2. Where can I find astrariums and ocularums in The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is a region in Dragon Age: Inquisition that features both astrariums and ocularums. Astrariums are scattered throughout the region and can be found in various locations, including the Canyons, the Silent Plains, and the Sand Crags. Ocularums are also located throughout the Western Approach and can be found near major landmarks such as the Dragon’s Teeth and the Abyssal Rift. It’s worth noting that some astrariums and ocularums may be guarded by enemies, so be prepared for combat when attempting to solve these puzzles.

3. How difficult are the puzzles associated with astrariums and ocularums?

The difficulty of astrarium and ocularum puzzles in Dragon Age: Inquisition can vary greatly. Some puzzles are relatively straightforward and can be solved with a bit of trial and error, while others may require a more strategic approach and careful observation. Some players may find the puzzles challenging, while others may find them relatively easy. However, there are many online resources available that offer solutions and tips for completing astrarium and ocularum puzzles if you do get stuck.

4. Are astrariums and ocularums necessary to complete the game?

No, astrariums and ocularums are not necessary to complete the main story of Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, they do offer rewards such as loot, experience points, and access to hidden areas. Additionally, solving astrarium puzzles can reveal the location of some of the game’s dragons, which can be a fun challenge for players who enjoy tough battles. Ultimately, whether or not to complete astrariums and ocularums is up to the individual player and their playstyle.

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