Attributes in Dragon Age Inquisition

Your current statistics can be found in the character window.

Each playable character in Dragon Age: Inquisition is defined by various attributes. Although attribute development is automated and increases as you level up, it’s important to pay attention to them as they can be modified by specific armor features.

The main character attributes are:

  • Strength – the primary attribute for warriors, which affects their attack effectiveness and bonuses while breaking through an opponent’s guard.
  • Dexterity – the primary attribute for rogues, which affects their attack effectiveness and bonuses to critical damage.
  • Magic – the primary attribute for mages, which affects their attack effectiveness and bonuses while breaking through magical barriers.
  • Cunning – affects critical damage chance and defense against ranged attacks.
  • Willpower – affects damage dealt and resistance to magic attacks for all classes.
  • Constitution – important for health points and defense in melee combat.

Other important attributes include:

The list of attributes in the game includes Armor Penetration, Critical Chance, Flanking Damage Bonus, Resistances, Guard, Armor Rating, Health, Focus, and Mana/Stamina. Armor Penetration determines the extent to which opponent’s armor is ignored, while Critical Chance increases the chance of landing a critical strike. Flanking Damage Bonus regulates bonus damage dealt to the opponent from the flank or from behind. Resistances allow for less damage taken from different elements. Guard adds an additional defense for the specific character, while Armor Rating informs about the class of armor. Health should be kept high to avoid failure, and losing all health only results in unconsciousness. Focus charges with damage dealt by the party and can be used to launch an additional attack. Lastly, both Mana and Stamina are required to use individual character abilities.


What are attributes in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Attributes in Dragon Age Inquisition are the key statistics that determine how effective your character is in combat. These are strength, dexterity, magic, cunning, willpower, and constitution. Each attribute affects different aspects of your character, such as damage output, armor, critical chance, and spell power. Your chosen class and weapons will also determine which attributes are most important for your character. You can increase your attributes by leveling up, equipping items with attribute bonuses, and using certain abilities and potions. It’s important to balance your attributes based on your playstyle and class to make the most effective character.

How do attributes affect gameplay in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Attributes have a significant impact on gameplay in Dragon Age Inquisition. Your character’s damage output, defense, and other abilities are directly affected by their attributes. For example, a warrior character with high strength will deal more damage with melee weapons, while a mage with high magic will have stronger spells. Attributes also affect your character’s ability to use certain abilities and equipment, as some require a minimum attribute level to be unlocked. Additionally, your attributes can be affected by certain status effects, such as being poisoned or stunned. It’s important to pay attention to your attributes and balance them based on your playstyle and class to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

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