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The Outcome of Previous Training

To unlock: Complete the first training mission – Freeform Training.

Commentary: Regardless of how you kill Kalvin Ritter, you will receive this achievement.

Cleared for Field Duty

To unlock: Complete the second training mission – Final Training.

Commentary: Regardless of how you kill Jasper Knight, you will receive this achievement.

Seizing the Opportunity

To unlock: Complete any opportunity during the second training mission – Final Training.

Commentary: Opportunities offer various ways to eliminate mission targets. In the second training mission, you can catapult Knight from the jet or use poison. Select any of these assassination methods and perform it.

The Creative Assassin

To unlock: Complete the Contract Creation tutorial.

Commentary: The tutorial will provide information on Contact Creation. Follow the steps to learn about all possible ways of Contract Creation.

Unexpected Guest

To unlock: During the first training mission, Freeform Training, wear the Mister Norfolk disguise and use it to murder Kalvin Ritter.

Commentary: Mister Norfolk wears a white suit and stands next to a car near the starting location. Details about taking his identity can be found in the walkthrough for that mission.


To unlock: During the second training mission, Final Training, murder Jasper Knight by catapulting him from the jet.

Commentary: The jet is located in the hangar. Complete all actions that will lead to damaging the machine and leading Jasper Knight to it. You receive the achievement after you correctly catapult the target from the jet. Details about this assassination method can be found in the walkthrough chapter.

Defection Deterred

To unlock: During the second training mission, Final Training, kill Jasper Knight with electricity.

Commentary: To get this achievement, deliver the slides to the projector and deactivate that device. This will cause Knight to die in an accident when KGB officer restores the power. Details about this assassination method can be found in the walkthrough chapter of the guide.

Silent Assassin

To unlock: Complete the second training mission, Final Training, with the highest rank – Silent Assassin.

Commentary: The Silent Assassin rank can be obtained only if you aren’t detected by anyone, you kill only Knight and no one finds his corpse. Other people on the map can be eliminated (for example, to gain a new disguise), but only by stunning them. You must also hide their bodies. As for the method of eliminating Knight, you can kill him by adding poison to the vodka – this will allow you to easily eliminate him privately in the toilet. Details about that assassination variant can be found in the walkthrough.

Security Defeated

To unlock: During the second training mission, Final Training, cause someone from the security to find an abandoned weapon and take it to the hangar.

Strategy: At the start of the mission, head to the western outpost and take out the airport guard stationed there. Hide his body but leave his pistol on the ground. Soon, a Soviet soldier will arrive (as shown in the above picture). Let him pick up the weapon and take it to the hangar.

Master of Disguise

How to unlock: Change your outfit during the second training mission, Final Training.

Commentary: This is a straightforward achievement. Simply attack and subdue or kill any airport staff member (such as a security guard, mechanic, or soldier) and take their clothes.

Escalation Expert

How to unlock: Complete the fifth level in Escalation mode at the ICA facility.

Comment: Each escalation presents Agent 47 with increasingly complex assassination challenges.

Contract Killer

How to unlock: Complete 10 contracts.

Comment: From the main menu, go to the Contracts tab. You can choose recommended contracts or search for ones that interest you. Remember, you must complete 10 different contracts to unlock this achievement. Repeating the same contract 10 times won’t count.

High Score

How to unlock: Set a new high score in any contract.

Comment: The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to intentionally complete a contract with a low score (e.g. taking a long time or raising the alarm) and then repeat the contract, improving your score each time.

Featured Player

How to unlock: Complete a featured contract.

Commentary: Featured contracts rotate regularly, so if you have difficulty with one, wait for the next one.

Silent Assassin

How to unlock: Subdue and submerge any character.

Commentary: This is the easiest achievement to obtain. You’ll earn it during the first arranged training mission, as part of the objective is to subdue a guard.

Assassin’s Arsenal

How to unlock: Eliminate targets using firearms, accidents, and explosions.

Commentary: Select any available mission and complete it multiple times, using different methods of assassination each time. To use an explosion, you can either use explosives from your inventory or destroy an explosive object in the area.

Invisible Killer

How to unlock: Eliminate a mission target without being detected by anyone else.

Commentary: This is a simple achievement that can be earned by completing the first arranged training mission without being seen by enemies who can spot Agent 47 even while he is disguised.


1. What are achievements/trophies in video games?

Achievements and trophies are rewards that players can earn in video games for completing specific challenges or reaching certain milestones. They are often tied to in-game accomplishments, such as finishing a level or defeating a difficult boss, and are displayed on the player’s profile or account. Some games offer a points system where players can earn a certain number of points based on the achievements they unlock.

2. How do achievements/trophies enhance the gaming experience?

Achievements and trophies can add an extra layer of challenge and replayability to a game. They encourage players to explore all aspects of the game and try new things, such as completing a level without taking any damage or finding all the hidden collectibles. They also provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when a difficult achievement is finally unlocked.

3. Are achievements/trophies important to gamers?

Achievements and trophies can be important to some gamers, as they offer a way to compare their progress and accomplishments with others. They can also add a competitive aspect to gaming, as players may strive to earn more achievements than their friends or other players. However, not all gamers care about achievements and may choose to ignore them entirely.

4. Can achievements/trophies be earned in multiplayer games?

Yes, achievements and trophies can be earned in both single-player and multiplayer games. In multiplayer games, they may be tied to specific modes or objectives, such as winning a certain number of matches or completing a cooperative mission with other players. Some games even offer separate achievements for single-player and multiplayer modes.

5. Can achievements/trophies be used to unlock in-game rewards?

Some games offer rewards for earning achievements and trophies, such as new costumes or weapons. These rewards may be purely cosmetic or may provide gameplay advantages. However, not all games offer rewards for achievements, and some may only offer points or bragging rights for unlocking them.

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