Beaumont Saint Denis Monastery – Mission 3 Map and Location Description

The central location of Mission 3 in Sniper Elite 5 is the Beaumont Saint Denis Monastery. Our guide provides a map with the most important locations and secrets in and around the monastery.

Sniper Elite 5 – Mission 3 Key Points

  • Main locations on the map
  • Kill List target
  • Secrets and collectibles

Our Sniper Elite 5 guide’s Mission 3 (Spy Academy) map serves as an excellent introduction to the main walkthrough. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the monastery and surrounding buildings before starting the mission. The map highlights the key locations, secrets, and collectibles to unlock – there are 19 to collect.

The Most Important Locations on the Beaumont Saint Denis Map

  1. Viewpoint – point 1 on the map:

The viewpoint is immediately accessible upon starting the mission from its default starting point. It provides an excellent vantage point for long-range shots, eliminating Nazis (including enemy snipers) from several hundred meters away. This way, you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing your shots.

  1. Checkpoint – point 6 on the map:

The checkpoint is located on the main road leading towards the monastery’s central building. It is the obvious path to the primary mission objective. Alternatively, you can look for the passage at the back of the church located northeast of the outpost.

  1. Church – point 8 on the map:

The smaller church is in the eastern part of the town, and you must avoid detection by snipers while making your way there. Officer Bruhl is at the top of the church tower with a letter containing information about the meeting place. Additionally, at the back of the church, you can find an alternative path to the monastery.

  1. Monastery – point 9 on the map:

The monastery is the primary building on the map and a mandatory mission objective. You can enter the enormous building from several different sides and expect to encounter numerous guards. Ultimately, the character must reach the tower to eavesdrop on the conversation and obtain intel.

  1. Spy Academy – point 12 on the map:

The Spy Academy building is located north of the primary monastery building. Investigating this place will enable you to unlock the only side objective of the mission – murdering the instructor. This task is initially hidden. There are many soldiers on the academy’s grounds, but you don’t have to deal with them all.

  1. Evacuation point – point 13 on the map:

The evacuation point is located at the northern end of the map and is a challenging area because many snipers in this area can effectively prevent exfiltration. A good tactic is to position yourself where you can see smaller islands to kill enemies with long-range shots.

Overview of Mission 3

The third mission of Sniper Elite 5 takes place at the Beaumont-Saint-Denis Monastery on an island. This multi-level map includes the monastery, surrounding roads, and buildings, with many hidden passages to explore. It is recommended to thoroughly explore the map to find optimal paths and tracks.

You will start the mission at the southern end of the map and cross the beach to reach the monastery. The enemies are initially at a long distance, but as you move closer to the residential areas, it becomes necessary to eliminate them at short and medium distances. The mission is complicated by enemy snipers, which can be challenging to locate due to the dense buildings.

There are three possible starting points, and the western one is particularly appealing as it is closer to the road leading to the monastery. Mission 3 includes main and side quests, such as finding the meeting location, eavesdropping on the meeting, and completing a side quest to eliminate an officer responsible for training new spies. There are also 19 secrets and collectibles to obtain.


What is Sniper Elite 5: Mission 3 (Spy Academy) map?

Sniper Elite 5: Mission 3 (Spy Academy) map is a location in the game where the player has to complete a mission. It is a spy academy that is located in the mountains, and the player has to infiltrate the academy and complete the mission without being detected by the enemy. The map is filled with various obstacles and challenges that the player has to overcome to complete the mission successfully. The academy has several buildings, including a dormitory, a training center, and a laboratory. The player has to navigate through these buildings carefully and silently to avoid detection by the enemy. The map is designed to test the player’s stealth and sniping skills and provides a challenging and exciting gameplay experience.

What are the key features of the Spy Academy map?

The Spy Academy map is a well-designed location that offers various features and challenges to the player. The key features of the map include the mountainous terrain, which makes it difficult for the player to navigate. The academy has several buildings, including a dormitory, a training center, and a laboratory, which offer different challenges to the player. The player has to use their sniping and stealth skills to complete the mission successfully. The map also has several obstacles, such as security cameras, guards, and traps, which the player has to avoid. The player can use the environment to their advantage, such as using the shadows and hiding behind objects to avoid detection. Overall, the Spy Academy map is an exciting location that offers a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience to the player.

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