Before the Dawn

To start this quest, speak with Cullen in Skyhold. However, you must complete it before beginning the main quest, What Pride Had Wrought, which involves meeting Samson.

Quest giver: Cullen (M12,7)

Cullen in his chambers

Once Cullen returns to his office, visit him to receive the quest. The quest has several stages. In the first stage, you must go to Emerald Graves and collect three letters (M17,10a-10c).

One of the groups of the Red Templars watching over the correspondence

Each letter is guarded by a group of soldiers, but if you have a rogue in your party, you can sneak past them and steal the letter without fighting. After you collect all three letters, return to Cullen.

One of the letters on the scaffolding, in the Emprise du Lion mines

Next, Cullen instructs you to attack the Southern mines in Emprise du Lion and find the hidden letters from the Red Templars’ correspondence (M15,20a,20b). After collecting the letters, return to Cullen. All the letters are on scaffoldings and guarded by Red Templars.

Shrine of Dumat

After returning to Skyhold with the letters, talk to Cullen. He will send you to Dagna (in the Undercroft). Talk to her and go to the war room to begin the newly-unlocked operation: Finding Samson’s Weakness. After it ends, talk to Cullen again and complete the operation: Track Down Samson. Return to Cullen and, after the conversation, head to the Shrine of Dumat, a new location that appears on the map for the quest’s duration.

Letters on the table

Kill all the Red Templars on the main yards to make a Behemoth appear from behind the door. Defeat it and enter the room. After defeating more opponents, you will encounter Samson’s partner, Maddox, at the end of the shrine. After the conversation, search the room. There is a bottle to the right of the corpse and a letter on the desk in the middle of the room.

Tools on the bench near the stairs

Exit the room and go right to find a small workbench with tools. Pick them up and check the other table for a pouch with a schematic for the excellent Rune of Decay. Return to Skyhold and meet Cullen and Dagna in his chambers to end the quest.


  • Experience (lots)
  • 400 Influence Points
  • 2 Power points


1. What is “Before the Dawn”?

“Before the Dawn” is a concert residency that was held by British singer-songwriter Kate Bush in 2014. The residency consisted of 22 shows, which were held at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. The concerts marked Bush’s first live performances in 35 years, as she had not toured since 1979. The show featured a combination of new and old material, including songs from Bush’s 2011 album “50 Words for Snow”. The residency was met with critical acclaim and was considered one of the most anticipated live events of the year.

2. What was the inspiration behind “Before the Dawn”?

The inspiration behind “Before the Dawn” came from Bush’s desire to bring her music to life in a live setting. She had previously stated that she was not interested in touring, but wanted to create a theatrical experience that would showcase her music in a new way. The residency was also inspired by Bush’s love of storytelling and mythology, and the show incorporated elements of both throughout the performance.

3. What was the setlist for “Before the Dawn”?

The setlist for “Before the Dawn” included a mix of Bush’s classic hits and newer material. Some of the songs performed included “Hounds of Love”, “Running Up That Hill”, “Cloudbusting”, “Among Angels”, and “This Woman’s Work”. The show also included a performance of the entire second side of Bush’s 1985 album “Hounds of Love”. The residency featured three acts, each with its own set of songs and themes.

4. How did fans and critics respond to “Before the Dawn”?

Both fans and critics responded positively to “Before the Dawn”. The residency was widely praised for its innovative staging, impressive visuals, and Bush’s powerful vocals. Fans were thrilled to see Bush perform live after so many years, and many described the experience as emotional and unforgettable. Critics called the show a “triumph” and praised Bush for her ability to create a unique and captivating live experience.

5. Will “Before the Dawn” be released as a live album or DVD?

There has been no official announcement about a live album or DVD release for “Before the Dawn”. However, Bush has previously released live albums and DVDs for her other performances, so it is possible that a release could happen in the future. Fans have expressed interest in a release, as many were unable to attend the residency or would like to relive the experience through a recorded performance.

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