Being Alert on the Coastline

How to unlock: Automatically triggered after familiarizing yourself with the Scout the Storm Coast operation.

Quest giver: – (M2, 3)

The operation linked with the Storm Coast

This mission can be added to your agenda once you spot the operation icon on the war map at Haven (M2,3), connected to it. To complete the operation, you must have a minimum of 4 Power points. Utilizing the Power points allows you to unlock access to The Storm Coast, your destination. Once you arrive at the Coast (M5,1), have a conversation with Scout Harding, and you will be able to start exploring the area.

Note – If you have not initiated this quest at the beginning of the game, it will still be available once you reach the Skyhold.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • New side quest unlocked: Cleaning House
  • New side quest unlocked: Rifts on the Coast
  • New side quest unlocked: Holding the Storm Coast
  • New side quest unlocked: Wardens on the Coast
  • New location unlocked Storm Coast


What is vigilance on the coast?

Vigilance on the coast refers to the constant monitoring and surveillance of the coastal areas to ensure safety and security. It involves keeping an eye on the waterways and the surrounding areas to prevent illegal activities like smuggling, piracy, and terrorism. Vigilance on the coast also includes monitoring the weather conditions to ensure the safety of boats and ships. In case of any suspicious activity, the concerned authorities take necessary actions to prevent any untoward incident.

Who is responsible for vigilance on the coast?

Vigilance on the coast is the responsibility of the coast guard department of the country. The coast guard is a specialized maritime force that is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing illegal activities, and ensuring the safety and security of the coastal areas. The coast guard works in close coordination with other security agencies to prevent any security threats. They also provide assistance in case of natural calamities and accidents at sea.

What are the challenges faced in maintaining vigilance on the coast?

Maintaining vigilance on the coast is a challenging task due to several reasons. The vast expanse of the ocean and the coastline makes it difficult to keep an eye on every activity. The increasing sophistication of the technology used by smugglers and terrorists makes it challenging to detect and prevent illegal activities. The weather conditions also pose a challenge as storms and rough sea conditions can make it difficult to conduct surveillance. Additionally, the lack of resources and manpower can also hinder effective vigilance on the coast.

Why is vigilance on the coast important?

Vigilance on the coast is essential for the safety and security of the country. It helps prevent illegal activities like smuggling, piracy, and terrorism, which can have far-reaching consequences on the economy and the security of the country. It also ensures the safety of the people who use the sea for transportation and recreation. Effective vigilance on the coast also helps in protecting the environment by preventing oil spills and other hazards that can damage marine life and affect the ecosystem.

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