Best Amazon Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

This guide provides information on the most effective character builds for the Amazon class in Diablo 2 Resurrected, which excels in both close and ranged combat.

  • Javazon (Poison/Lightning)
  • Thunderfury Amazon
  • Bowazone
  • Fendazone

Javazon (Poison/Lightning)

Javazon, also known as Javelin Amazon, is a build that specializes in using javelins. This is because some of the skills are only activated when a javelin is thrown. By selecting specific skills, you can create either a Poison or Lightning Javazon subclass.

Lightning Javazon

The Lightning Javazon build is focused on using the power of lightning to inflict damage on enemies.

  1. Skills: There are five skills to choose from when building a lightning Javazon. Charged Strike and Lightning Fury are the most commonly used skills, but it’s important to improve skills for both single and multiple enemies, as well as hand-to-hand and ranged combat.
  2. Attributes: Avoid adding points to Energy, as it will increase naturally with each level. Vitality should be prioritized due to the Amazon’s weak immunity. Strength and Dexterity should only be invested in specific equipment. In the final stages of the game, about 150 Strength and 100 points of Dexterity (for javelins) are recommended, with additional points added to improve attack and shield block. You may invest some points in Energy initially to make the game easier, but they can be reset later on.
  3. Mercenaries: The best option is Desert Mercenaries from Act 2, as they provide an aura that regenerates mana. Providing them with a spear with the rune word Infinity will give them an aura that reduces the elemental resistance of nearby enemies.

Poison Javazon (Plaguezon)

The Poison Javazon build uses Poisoned Javelin and Plague Javelin skills. The remaining points can be allocated to passive skills (including Pierce) and additional active skills. The gameplay style involves infecting as many enemies as possible and avoiding them while the poison does its work. Equipment that increases movement speed is useful for this style. This build is not commonly used and can be problematic at higher difficulty levels, where enemies may be resistant to poison and the poison takes too long to work in combat. In such cases, the skill Jab can be helpful. A good mercenary option is the Rogue, which will avoid enemies and deal some damage, or the Desert Mercenary with a weapon with the rune word Infinity.

It’s recommended to allocate many points to improve damage and Valkyrie. This will help get rid of poisoned enemies faster and receive a synergy bonus from skills that strengthen the attack.

Thunderfury Amazon

This is a build for a Level 50 Thunderfury Amazon, also known as a Lightjab Amazon. It is a build that focuses on using spears instead of javelins and relies heavily on specific items, making it difficult to play in the early stages of the game. The Jab skill is used to quickly attack single enemies, increasing the attack speed of spears, while Lightning Fury is used to attack multiple opponents. To unlock Lightning Fury, you will need to invest in other skills such as Dodge, Avoid, and Evade. Investing in the Penetrate skill can also increase accuracy, depending on the points invested in Dexterity.

When it comes to attributes, Dexterity is crucial for increasing resistance and defense in close combat and allowing the use of high-level weapons. Strength should only be invested in enough to wear desirable armor, while Energy should not be invested in at all. Vitality should be invested in, but significantly less than Dexterity. The best choice for mercenaries is Desert Mercenaries with preferred aura to fill gaps in your build.

At higher levels, using synergies from side active skills such as Charged Strike can provide a 10% bonus to Lightning Fury.


Bowazone, or Bow Amazon, is a build based on using bows and crossbows. It is characterized by a high speed of attacks and the ability to use both area and single-target attacks. The player must move quickly, avoid threats and ambushes, and aim skillfully using the Shift key to shoot in the desired direction. Attributes should be invested in with high Dexterity, almost equal or more Health than Dexterity, and a few points in Energy, but not more than 50. The choice of mercenaries depends on the game style and items/runes used, with almost any mercenary being suitable for this build. Multiple Shot and Strafe are recommended skills for fighting large groups of enemies, while skills for fighting single enemies should also be invested in.

The article discusses different arrow options for the bow user in the game. Magic Arrow is a powerful choice that doesn’t require arrows from the quiver. Guided Arrow follows the target, while Exploding/Immolation Arrow is good for faster attacks. Freezing Arrow is the only option with a cold effect, but it performs poorly at higher difficulty levels. The article also recommends developing skills like Pierce, Critical Strike, and Valkyrie or Decoy to distract enemies. Investing in Dodge and Avoid can increase accuracy.

The article then introduces the Fendazone build, which is based on the Fend skill and allows the use of spears or javelins. It’s better suited for fighting large groups than single enemies. The recommended skills include Fend, Decoy, Critical Strike, and Penetrate, while Vitality is key for attribute development. The article suggests using a Desert Mercenary with Aura: Might or Holy Freeze for increased attack power and slowing down nearby enemies. The Fendazone strategy involves using Fend or a mercenary/valkyrie to lure enemies and attack them. Equipments that steal health/mana are recommended for added effect.


What are the best builds for Amazon in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

There are several effective builds for Amazon in Diablo 2 Resurrected. One of the most popular builds is the Bowazon, which relies on using bows and arrows to deal damage from a distance. Another strong build is the Javelin Amazon, which utilizes javelins and spears to attack enemies from both close and medium range. The Lightning Fury Amazon is also a great build, focusing on dealing lightning damage to multiple enemies at once with the Lightning Fury skill. Additionally, the Hybrid Amazon build combines the Bowazon and Javelin Amazon builds, allowing for a versatile playstyle that can adapt to different situations. Overall, the best build for Amazon will depend on personal playstyle and preferences.

What skills should I focus on for my Amazon build?

The skills you should focus on for your Amazon build will depend on the type of build you are using. For the Bowazon build, skills such as Guided Arrow, Multi-Shot, and Strafe are essential for dealing damage from a distance. For the Javelin Amazon build, skills like Lightning Fury, Charged Strike, and Jab are important for attacking enemies both up-close and from a distance. The Lightning Fury Amazon build should focus on leveling up the Lightning Fury skill, as well as skills like Power Strike and Lightning Strike for additional lightning damage. For the Hybrid Amazon build, a combination of both Bowazon and Javelin Amazon skills will be necessary. Additionally, investing points in passive skills like Critical Strike, Pierce, and Avoid can greatly enhance your Amazon’s effectiveness in combat.

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