Boss Battles: Rhino and Magneto

The Rhino fight is enjoyable but don’t waste your time with the minions as they will keep appearing endlessly.

Look for orange bushes in the arena and destroy them to create a giant pumpkin from the debris. Lure the Rhino into it and he will defeat himself.

While the Rhino is stunned, attack him as the Thing and keep hitting the attack button quickly until he’s defeated.

Now it’s time to take on Magneto. Dodge his attacks and wait for bricks to appear. Use them to build an anvil and throw it at Magneto’s metal fist. When he falls, attack him in melee combat.

Repeat the same strategy in the second round, but use an alarm clock instead of an anvil.

The final round is the same as the previous ones. When the fight is over, approach Magneto and deliver the final blow to end the mission.


What are Rhino and Magneto boss fights?

Rhino and Magneto are two iconic villains in the Marvel universe that have been featured in various comics, movies, and video games. In the context of video games, Rhino and Magneto are often portrayed as challenging boss fights that players must overcome in order to progress through the game.

How do you defeat Rhino and Magneto in boss fights?

Defeating Rhino and Magneto in boss fights requires a combination of skill, strategy, and patience. For Rhino, players must avoid his powerful charges and use their web-slinging abilities to attack him from a distance. For Magneto, players must avoid his magnetic attacks and use their own abilities to counter his attacks and deal damage to him.

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