Cabin Fever

How to start: Locate the key near the cabin.

Quest giver: – (M9,6)

The hidden key

As you venture off the main path towards the East, you’ll spot a concealed object marker. It’s a key submerged in water, next to a rock. A few meters away stands a cabin that can be unlocked with the key. The quest concludes as soon as you enter the cabin.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (small)
  • 80 Influence points


What is Cabin Fever?

Cabin Fever is a condition that people experience when they are stuck in one place for a long period of time. It is often associated with being in a cabin or other isolated location, but it can happen anywhere. Symptoms of Cabin Fever include restlessness, irritability, feeling anxious or depressed, and trouble sleeping. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, such as bad weather, lack of social interaction, or a feeling of being trapped. It is important to recognize the symptoms of Cabin Fever and take steps to alleviate them, such as getting outside, staying busy with activities, or talking to friends and family.

How can you prevent Cabin Fever?

To prevent Cabin Fever, it is important to stay active and engaged with the world around you. This can include getting regular exercise, spending time outdoors, and making an effort to socialize with friends and family. It is also important to have a variety of activities to keep you busy, such as reading, watching movies, or pursuing a hobby. If you are stuck in a situation where you cannot leave, such as during a blizzard, it is important to maintain a routine and stay busy with tasks such as cleaning or organizing. Additionally, it can be helpful to practice stress-reducing techniques such as yoga or meditation. By taking steps to prevent Cabin Fever, you can maintain your mental health and well-being even in challenging circumstances.

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