Champions of the Just (Choosing to Side with the Templars)

How to Unlock: Automatically after meeting Lucius during “The Threat Remains” main quest.

Quest Giver: – (M4,2)

Despite Lucius’s rude attitude, it is important to not give up on the potential alliance with the Templars.

This quest becomes available after initiating contact with the Templars and their commander, Lucius. This encounter takes place in Val Royeaux (M4,2) and is quite impressive.

NOTE: Pursuing this quest means attempting to gain the support of the Templars, which makes it impossible to ally with the rebel mages (apostates). This also means that the “In Hushed Whispers” quest cannot be completed. Make sure that you are certain about wanting to ally with the Templars before going through with this quest.

To begin the quest, you must have at least 15 Power points. It is recommended to complete several side quests to earn Power points. Return to Haven after obtaining the required amount of points and go to the war room. Find the “Champions of the Just” operation, shown in the above screenshot, and confirm that you want to spend 15 Power points on it.

NOTE: The recommended experience level for the party is between 4-7. It is advised to level up party members to at least level 8 as the final boss of the quest is at that level.

After meeting with Lord Abernache, head to Barris’s location.

After watching several cutscenes, the party will reach the bottom level of the Therinfal Redoubt (M11,1a). Listen to the conversation with Lord Esmeral Abernache, where you cannot influence the outcome much (you can pick a unique dialogue option if you have unlocked the appropriate Perk earlier). After the conversation, head West to meet another important NPC, Knight-Templar Barris (M11,1b). During the conversation, you can choose from the “regular” dialogue options or a special one if Cassandra is in your party.

Soon after, the party will arrive at a larger yard (M11,1c), and Barris will offer for you to take part in a Templar rite to help you determine your priorities. You can agree to take part or refuse and demand an immediate audience with Lucius, as suggested by Lord Abernache (the decision moment is shown in the above screenshot).

Manipulate the knobs to raise the flags of your choice

If you have agreed to participate in the ritual, you must now pay attention to the three knobs. Each knob corresponds to a flag representing Andrasta, the Templars, and the common people. Turning a knob will raise the corresponding flag halfway up the pole, and turning it twice will return the flag to the top. As Barris mentioned earlier, there is no wrong choice here. It doesn’t matter which flag is raised higher than the others or whether you choose to justify your decision or remain silent. The only consequence may be a slight change in the relationship between your party and the other members who participated in the journey to the Templar HQ.

Defeat Denam and the infected Templars

Next, enter the Western building and head to the Lower Barracks, where you will encounter Knight-Captain Denam (M11,1d). If you participated in the ritual, Lord Abernache will be killed as a result of Denam’s hostility. If you did not participate, Abernache will remain alive. Regardless of your decision, Denam and the Red Templars will attack you. Focus on weakening Denam by attacking him from the side or back since he hides behind a shield. Eliminate the enemy Red Templar Marksmen as well.

Continue to eliminate archers

After you win the battle, Barris will join your party temporarily, and you must cross the Redoubt to get to Lucius’ location. Eliminate the new Templars hiding in the next corridor, and keep an eye out for chests and locked doors (you will need a rogue for that). Head south and climb the stairs to the upper floor. Eliminate the archers, who are difficult to approach since many of them stand on wooden scaffolds.

Join the fight with the Templars

After securing the yard, enter the nearby building and eliminate more Templars. Head southwest, then turn west and north, where the Templars are fighting. Help them eliminate the hostile ones (especially the archers). If you wish, have a rogue break into the western room to find a corpse and a loot chest, then listen to the conversation with Barris.

Climb the stairs to meet Lucius

Head north and climb the large stairs to meet Lucius, who is waiting for you at the top (M11,1f). After a brief introduction, it turns out that the Envy Demon has trapped you in a nightmare (M11,1g). Your new objective is to escape this strange place and restore your character’s senses. The rest of your party is not available here.

To start, there is no immediate danger, so head towards the west and watch the cutscene of the conversation with the Envy Demon. During the conversation, you learn that the demon desires to take control of your character’s body. The choice of dialogue options does not matter. Continue heading west and enter the chamber with statues (M11,1h). Beware of the green flames as contact with them drains a lot of health points.

Crossing the chamber with the flames is not as difficult as it may seem. Some of the statues spin by 90 degrees every now and then, which you can use to your advantage. Dash towards the successive areas when the flames appear elsewhere. This way, change sides between the Northern and Southern ends of the chamber. In the area shown in the screenshot above, climb onto the crates to proceed.

On the South-Western side of the chamber with flames (M11,1i), you will encounter an obstacle depending on your character class. If you are a warrior, it will be a wall that you can smash; if you are a rogue, it will be a locked door, and if you are a mage, it will be a barrier. Overcome the obstacle and enter the small room to start the Demonic Dogma side quest.

Speak to Cole

Now, head towards the North-Western end of the room (M11,1j). When you attempt to leave this location, you will have the opportunity to talk to the mysterious Cole. The apparition expresses his willingness to help you leave the nightmare. After the conversation, return to the main hall, wait for the flames to disappear, and take the newly unlocked passage to the West (M11,1k) to enter the second part of the nightmare – the Prison.

The location where you meet Cole and kindle fire

Once you enter the second part of the nightmare (M11,1l), head towards the east. As before, you can either watch the short cutscenes or skip them. Here, you will encounter the Envy Demon again. Search the nearby rooms and find Cole inside one of them (M11,1m). Listen to his suggestion and kindle Veilfire here. Now, you need to reach four other places where you need to start fires as well (M11,1n). Finally, reach the end of the main corridor where the flames that appear unlock the passage onwards.

Note – You can find the second inscription connected with the Demonic Dogma side quest around here. I recommend checking out that part of the walkthrough momentarily.

Be cautious of the warning signs in the Forest

Find the stairs (M11,1o) and climb them to enter the third part of the nightmare. You will begin in the Forest (M11,1p) and should leave the starting location after a brief conversation. While exploring this area, be aware of the green signs on the ground as they act as warnings and staying in one spot for too long will cause damage to your character. Additionally, be prepared to defeat specters, which can usually be eliminated with a single attack.

Follow the path to the lever and find the hidden passage

Follow the linear path to the lever and pull it to enter the Therinfal Redoubt Courtyard. Look for the passage in the above screenshot (M11,1q), which is hidden between bushes and a wooden structure. Find the third inscription related to the Demonic Dogma side quest and continue on to return to the starting point where you met Lucius (M11,1f). Here, you will encounter the Envy Demon and watch a brief cutscene as your character exits the nightmare.

Speak to Barris and learn about the quest objectives

Upon reaching The Great Hall (M11,1r), speak with Barris to learn that you must find three veterans and a lyrium cache. Before leaving the Great Hall, take note of the bar in the upper-right corner of the screen, which represents the defense of the Great Hall. It will gradually deplete as you explore adjacent areas, so it is important to return to the Great Hall after finding each objective or when the bar drops below 50%. If the bar depletes completely, you will fail the quest and if it drops below 30%, Barris will die later in the quest. Remember to use the Supply Cache at the Great Hall wisely, as it can only be used once.

Find a veteran in the Upper Barracks

The adjacent areas can be explored in any order, but the Upper Barracks to the south can be accessed through a door on the ground floor or on the balconies above (M11,1s). Eliminate the demons and infected Templars while exploring the barracks and find two veterans (M11,1t), one on the ground floor in the northeast and one on the upper floor. Help each veteran defeat the hostile creatures and listen to a short conversation after.

It is not necessary to thoroughly explore the barracks at this moment. You can do it later when you are not under time pressure anymore.

The Last Veteran

To the north of the Great Hall are the Officers’ Quarters. You can choose to take the passage on the ground floor or the balconies above (M11,1u). Be prepared to fight monsters and try not to take too long. I recommend reaching the last veteran, who is staying on a large balcony on the upper level (M11,1t). You will need to help him fight a small group of monsters.

The Location of the Key

Go to the ground floor and take the door in the middle of the main yard to get to Lucius’ private chamber, where you will meet Cole and find the Lord Seeker’s Key. It is also a good idea to thoroughly explore this chamber because you can find a large chest with valuable loot.

The Lyrium Cache

After exiting Lucius’ chamber, head towards the door a bit to the west. Since you have the key, you can open it and gain access to a new chamber. Climb up the stairs and locate the Lyrium Cache (M11,1w). You can now head back to the Great Hall (M11,1r).

Ranged Characters Can Attack Templars from Scaffoldings

Start by opening the Supply Cache and then talk to Barris, which will trigger a big battle in the Great Hall against infected Templars who cross magical barriers on a regular basis (M11,1x). Keep fighting until the energy bar of the barrier depletes completely. Pay attention to the deployment of party members during the battle, and deploy ranged characters higher on the wooden scaffoldings.

Heal Before Heading to the Envy Demon’s Lair

If you allowed the health bar of the Templar defenders to drop below 30% in the previous part of the quest, Barris dies towards the end of the battle. Otherwise, he remains alive. Deactivating the magic barriers grants you access to the den of the Envy Demon (M11,1y). Before climbing the stairs, look around for another Supply Cache. Entering the den starts a short cutscene and the battle with the Envy Demon.

Avoid Boss’ AoE Attacks

The difficulty of fighting the Envy Demon depends on the level of development of your party, which affects the damage they take. Regardless of their strength, change positions frequently because the green markings on the ground mean that spikes will spring up here in a moment. Avoid situations where the boss’ successful AoE attacks may paralyze your party momentarily.

The Envy Demon has a limited set of attacks, but they can be quite powerful and bothersome. It’s crucial to keep your ranged party members away from the monster and spread them out over a larger area. This is because the demon frequently uses AoE attacks that not only deal damage but also cause your party members to panic. Additionally, keep in mind that the enemy moves around the arena, so stay aware of his position.

To defeat the Envy Demon, you can use a variety of attacks, such as slowing him down or dealing fire or lightning damage. Be sure to monitor your party’s health bars and heal them as needed. After depleting a quarter of the demon’s health, he will retreat behind a barrier and send a group of infected Templars to fight you. Defeating them is not difficult.

Later in the battle, the Envy Demon will take on the form of your character, but it’s important to stick to the same tactics. Keep using the same attacks as you did before. Continue fighting until you defeat the demon and collect any loot, including a legendary weapon.

After leaving the arena, you will meet the Templars. Barris or Fletcher will speak with you, depending on who survived the battle. During the conversation, you will need to make a critical decision: ally with the Templars and let them keep their independence or disband the chantry of Templars and include their soldiers into the Inquisition. Each option has its supporters and detractors among your party members.

When you return to Haven, Cole will interrupt a conversation in the war room. You must decide whether to allow him to join your party or try to kill him. It’s recommended that you let him join.

Completing the quest will earn you a range of rewards, including a new main quest, a new ally (Cole), a new location, lots of experience, influence points, and power points.


1. What is Champions of the Just?

Champions of the Just is one of the two main questlines in the Dragon Age: Inquisition game. It is a story where the player takes the side of the templars and fights against the mages. The questline is available to players who have chosen to be a warrior or a rogue as their character class in the game.

2. What are the benefits of choosing the Champions of the Just questline?

Choosing the Champions of the Just questline in Dragon Age: Inquisition provides several benefits to the player. First, it allows the player to gain access to the templar specialization, which provides several useful abilities in combat. Second, it provides a different perspective on the story of the game, as the player sees the conflict between the mages and templars from the latter’s point of view. Finally, it allows the player to interact with several interesting characters, such as Ser Barris and Knight-Captain Denam.

3. What are the challenges of playing the Champions of the Just questline?

Playing the Champions of the Just questline in Dragon Age: Inquisition can be challenging for several reasons. First, the player will have to fight against the mages, who have powerful abilities that can be difficult to counter. Second, the player will have to make choices that will affect the outcome of the questline, such as whether to side with the templars or the mage rebellion. Finally, the player will have to deal with the consequences of their choices, such as the loss of potential allies or the death of important characters.

4. How does the Champions of the Just questline fit into the overall story of Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The Champions of the Just questline is an important part of the overall story of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It provides a different perspective on the conflict between the mages and templars, which is a major theme of the game. It also allows the player to interact with several characters who play important roles in the story, such as the Divine, the Grand Enchanter, and the Lord Seeker. Finally, it sets the stage for the final act of the game, where the player must make a difficult choice that will determine the fate of Thedas.

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