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The main characters in Inquisition – including our protagonist

As is typical in BioWare’s cRPG games, Dragon Age: Inquisition features a range of heroes. Some will be our companions, while others are completely independent. Below, we provide a brief description of the most important “actors” in the story that we will encounter during the game.

The Team

The Inquisitor – The main hero. Most of our characteristics (race, appearance, class, background, etc.) will be determined by the choices we make at the beginning of the game. However, every player shares one thing in common: the protagonist is the only survivor of the Breach in the Veil catastrophe, which grants them a unique ability to close rifts and prevent demons from entering their world.

Varric Tethras – We met him in Dragon Age II. He is a surface-dwelling dwarf from a family of merchants who, because of his rowdy nature, accompanied Hawke to Kirkwall and now stands by the Inquisition. Varric is a skilled storyteller and a humorous rogue who wields a large crossbow named Bianca.

Cassandra Pentaghast – Another familiar face from our past. We remember her as a member of the Seekers of Truth order. She interrogated Varric to uncover the truth about the war between mages and templars and Hawke’s role in it. Loyal to Divine Justinia V (the order’s leader), she joins the Inquisition to put an end to the chaos in Thedas. Cassandra is a potential love interest for a male hero.

Vivienne – The leader of Orlesian mages and Empress Celene’s personal enchanter. A ruthless woman, she has attained her high position through cunning and political intrigue, earning the nickname “Lady of Iron.” She does not support the mage rebellion against the Templars and joins the Inquisition to restore order to the world.

Solas – An elven apostate mage who has spent most of his life in the wilderness, avoiding hostile people and exploring mystical knowledge on his own. He has studied the Fade extensively and knows more about its nature than most “professional” mages. When the Breach appears in the sky, he emerges from the shadows and offers to help the Inquisition stop the danger.

Iron Bull – A fearless member of the qunari secret police (Ben-Hassrath), who, after losing his motivation after years of service, has been sent to Orlais to organize a group of agents and mercenaries (the Bull’s Chargers) to gather information and send it to the authorities. After years away from home, fighting and sitting in taverns, Iron Bull begins to question his identity. He joins the Inquisition for a simple reason: to make money by killing demons.

Sera is an impulsive elf who enjoys playing and was previously a member of the Friends of Red Jenny, an organization that took pleasure in shaming the nobility. When the Breach appears, she feels compelled to battle the demons and joins the Inquisition, believing that their world must be normal for her to continue playing.

Blackwall is a warrior who has devoted his life to defending the world from demons and otherworldly dangers that appear during plagues. Unlike his fellow Grey Wardens, who are often recruited from murderers, outlaws, or thieves, he joins the group of his own volition.

Dorian, a human mage from the Tevinter Imperium, is highly skilled but opposes the corrupt system that governs his homeland. As a proud outcast, he joins the Inquisition to try to change the status quo. Additionally, he is the game’s first 100% gay character.

Cole appears to be a skilled sneaker, but he is actually a lost spirit trapped between the Fade and the mortal world. He uses his power to sense those in pain to assist others and find his place in the world. He later joins the Inquisition.

According to BioWare, there will be no more than nine playable companions in the game, and no new characters will be introduced in DLCs.

Morrigan, a Witch of the Wilds and a companion in the first Dragon Age game, is absent from the second game but returns in Inquisition as an advisor to Empress Celene. She is rumored to have taught the empress dark magic and will play a significant role in the game’s plot.

Leliana, an old friend from the Grey Wardens team, is a bard skilled in archery and sneaking. She serves as a killer in the fight against the enemies of the Chantry and leads the espionage of the Inquisition, performing assassinations.

While there are other characters who will undoubtedly play crucial roles in the game, such as Alistair or Flemeth, no further information is available about them at this time.

Cullen, a Templar known from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, joins the Inquisition as a military advisor after the events in Kirkwall. He is practical and direct in his approach, which often sets him apart from the other advisors. In Inquisition, players have the opportunity to get to know him better and even pursue a romance with him as a female hero. Josephine Montilyet is the Inquisitor’s diplomat and ambassador, hailing from Antiva. Her role is to negotiate and represent the organization in dealings with important individuals, preferring peaceful solutions rather than military action. Although there are other significant characters in the game, little is known about them at this time. It is likely that players will encounter familiar faces from the previous games, such as Alistair or Flemeth.


1. Who are the main characters in Dragon Age?

The Dragon Age series features a diverse cast of characters, including warriors, mages, and rogues. Some of the most prominent characters include the Grey Wardens, a group of elite fighters who protect the world from darkspawn, and the companions of the player character. Some notable companions include Alistair, a chivalrous and humorous warrior; Morrigan, a powerful and cunning mage; and Varric, a charismatic and witty rogue. Each character has their own unique backstory and personality, making for a rich and engaging world.

2. What is the history of the Dragon Age universe?

The Dragon Age universe is a complex and richly detailed world, with a history spanning thousands of years. The world is divided into several nations and city-states, each with their own unique culture and history. The main conflict in the series is between the humans, dwarves, and elves, who are all vying for power and control. The world is also plagued by darkspawn, monstrous creatures that emerge from the underground and threaten the safety of the people. Throughout the series, players will encounter ancient ruins, powerful artifacts, and mysterious creatures, all of which contribute to the rich history of the Dragon Age universe.

3. How do the characters in Dragon Age interact with each other?

The characters in Dragon Age have complex relationships with each other, which are influenced by their personalities, backgrounds, and actions. Depending on the choices the player makes, characters may become friends, enemies, or even lovers. The relationships between characters can also affect the outcome of the story, as certain decisions may be influenced by the opinions and feelings of the companions. The interactions between characters in Dragon Age are one of the key elements that sets the series apart from other RPGs, creating a sense of depth and immersion that draws players into the world.

4. How does the Dragon Age series explore themes of morality and choice?

The Dragon Age series is known for its complex and nuanced approach to morality and choice. The games often present players with difficult decisions, where there is no clear right or wrong answer. These choices can have far-reaching consequences, affecting the outcome of the story and the fates of the characters. The series also explores themes of power, corruption, and the nature of good and evil. Players are often forced to grapple with the consequences of their actions, and the choices they make can have a profound impact on the world around them. The Dragon Age series is a masterclass in morality and choice, challenging players to think deeply about their decisions and the impact they have on the world.

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