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Main aspects of M25 Caer Oswin – Chests – Dragon Age: Inquisition


Chests with distinctive / exceptional objects

1 – Exceptional weapon пїЅ Acquired after defeating Lucius.

The map above shows the location of chests in Caer Oswin, the headquarters of the Seekers that you visit during the side quest involving Cassandra. There are no unique items in this area. All of the chests in Caer Oswin contain standard loot that is frequently randomly generated. It is advisable to open them regularly because you will not be able to revisit Caer Oswin later in the game.


1. What are chests in Caer Oswin?

Chests in Caer Oswin are interactive objects that can be found throughout the game. They contain various loot, such as weapons, armor, and resources. Chests can be opened by approaching them and pressing the interact button. Some chests may be locked and require a key to unlock, which can be obtained by completing certain quests or defeating specific enemies.

2. How do I find chests in Caer Oswin?

Chests can be found all over Caer Oswin, both indoors and outdoors. Some chests may be hidden in hard-to-reach places or behind obstacles, so it’s important to explore the surrounding area thoroughly. Chests can also be marked on the map by using the eagle vision ability. Look for the chest icon on the map and navigate towards it to find the chest.

3. Can I re-open chests in Caer Oswin?

No, once a chest has been opened in Caer Oswin, it cannot be re-opened. However, chests may respawn over time, allowing you to loot them again in the future. Keep in mind that respawn times can vary, so it’s best to check back periodically if you’re looking to loot a specific chest.

4. Are there any rare items that can only be found in chests in Caer Oswin?

Yes, some rare and unique items can only be obtained by looting chests in Caer Oswin. These items may have special abilities or properties that make them particularly valuable or useful in combat. Keep an eye out for chests with a glowing aura, as these tend to contain rare loot.

5. Can chests in Caer Oswin be looted by other players?

No, chests in Caer Oswin are only available for the player who opens them. Other players cannot loot the same chest, even if they are in the same location. However, chests may respawn over time, allowing other players to loot them in the future.

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