Chests in Cradle of Sulevin

Important information about chests in M26 Cradle of Sulevin – Dragon Age: Inquisition


Containing unique or legendary items

The map above displays the location of chests in Cradle of Sulevin, a small area you can access after discovering notes on the Sulevin Blade. Unfortunately, no unique items can be found here, as all chests contain standard loot that is randomly generated. It is not necessary to open all chests immediately, as you can return to this area later in the game.


What are Chests in Cradle of Sulevin?

Chests in Cradle of Sulevin are special containers that can be found throughout the game. They can contain various items like weapons, armor, potions, and crafting materials. Chests can be unlocked by either finding the corresponding key or by picking the lock. The difficulty of picking the lock depends on the level of the chest and the character’s lockpicking skill. Chests can also be booby-trapped, so it’s important to be cautious when unlocking them.

Are there any unique Chests in Cradle of Sulevin?

Yes, there are unique Chests in Cradle of Sulevin that contain rare and powerful items. These Chests are often hidden or located in difficult-to-reach areas, and require solving puzzles or defeating tough enemies to access. Some unique Chests also require specific quests to be completed before they can be opened. The contents of unique Chests can include legendary weapons and armor, rare crafting materials, and unique trinkets with special abilities. It’s worth exploring every corner of Cradle of Sulevin to find these Chests and obtain their valuable contents.

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