Chests in The Hinterlands

Main Locations for Chests in The Hinterlands – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Standard Chests

Unique or Legendary Items in Chests

1 – Chest from Ferelden Frostback Dragons – Contains 3 Legendary Items

2 – Red Jenny’s Stash

The map above displays the locations of chests in The Hinterlands. As The Hinterlands are a vast area, there are many chests to loot here, although they mostly contain standard, low-value items. However, some chests hold unique or legendary items.

Note – Some of the chests are located in caves and dungeons. If you cannot find a chest, look for an entrance to an underground location nearby.


1. What are chests in The Hinterlands?

Chests in The Hinterlands are treasure chests that can be found throughout the zone. They contain valuable items such as gear, crafting materials, and gold. They are usually guarded by enemies, so players must defeat them in order to access the contents of the chest. Chests can be found in various locations in The Hinterlands, including caves and ruins.

2. How do I open chests in The Hinterlands?

To open a chest in The Hinterlands, players must first defeat the enemies guarding it. Once the enemies are defeated, players can interact with the chest to open it. Some chests may require a key to unlock, which can be obtained by completing quests or defeating certain enemies. It is important to note that some chests may be trapped, so players should be cautious when opening them.

3. What kind of loot can I find in chests in The Hinterlands?

The loot found in chests in The Hinterlands can vary, but players can expect to find valuable items such as gear, crafting materials, and gold. The quality of the loot will depend on the level of the chest, with higher level chests containing better loot. Some chests may also contain rare and unique items, such as mounts or pets.

4. Are there any rare chests in The Hinterlands?

Yes, there are several rare chests in The Hinterlands that contain unique and valuable items. These chests are usually hidden or located in hard-to-reach areas, and may require special conditions to be met in order to access them. Some rare chests may also be guarded by powerful enemies, making them even more difficult to obtain.

5. Can I farm chests in The Hinterlands?

Yes, it is possible to farm chests in The Hinterlands by repeatedly defeating the enemies guarding them. However, it is important to note that some chests may have a respawn timer, meaning that they cannot be farmed indefinitely. Additionally, farming chests may not be the most efficient way to obtain loot, as completing quests and participating in other activities may yield better rewards.

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