Chests in The Western Approach

Important points about finding chests in M19 The Western Approach – Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Western Approach is home to many chests that contain loot.

Some chests have unique or legendary items.

The location of the chests with legendary items are as follows:

1 – Legendary item

2 – Legendary item пїЅ This chest is located in a cave.

The map above shows the locations of the chests in The Western Approach. As it is a large location, it may take some time to reach all of the chests marked on the map. However, most of the loot found in these chests are standard and randomly generated.

Note – Some of the chests are located in caves and dungeons. If you cannot find a chest, look for a passage leading to an underground location. The chests at Griffon Wing Keep will only appear after you have captured it.


What are chests in The Western Approach?

In the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, chests are containers that hold various items, such as weapons, armor, crafting materials, and schematics. The Western Approach is a region in the game that contains several chests scattered throughout the area. These chests can be found in various locations, such as caves, ruins, and campsites. Some of them are locked and require a rogue character to pick the lock, while others are guarded by enemies that must be defeated to access the chest. The items found in these chests can be useful for players to upgrade their equipment and progress through the game.

What are the types of chests found in The Western Approach?

There are several types of chests that can be found in The Western Approach. The most common type is the standard chest, which contains random loot and can be opened by anyone. The locked chest requires a rogue character to pick the lock and contains better loot than a standard chest. The guarded chest is protected by enemies that must be defeated to access the chest, and it contains the best loot of all the chest types. In addition to these types of chests, there are also supply caches that contain crafting materials and war table operations that players can use to gain influence points. Overall, the variety of chests found in The Western Approach adds to the exploration and gameplay experience of the region.

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