Choosing the Right Armor

How to Unlock: Automatically unlocked during the Haven’s Best and Brightest side quest.

Quest-giver: The Blacksmith (M2,7)

Armor Crafting Station

This quest becomes available after meeting the Blacksmith in the northern part of Haven (M2,7). The Blacksmith will teach you the basics of crafting weapons and armor, and you will receive this simple quest. The task is to check out the Armor Crafting Station (Craft Armor), located next to the Blacksmith. You can use the schematic you received from the Blacksmith (Schematic: Apprentice Coat) or any other schematic to complete the task.


What is the right armor for medieval knight?

The right armor for a medieval knight depended on several factors, including the knight’s wealth and status, the time period, and the type of warfare he was likely to encounter. A fully-armored knight would wear a helmet, chainmail, and plate armor to cover the body, arms, and legs. The armor was usually made of steel and could weigh up to 60 pounds. Knights also carried a shield for extra protection. The armor was designed to deflect blows and protect the wearer from arrows and other projectiles. It was expensive to produce and maintain, so only the wealthiest knights could afford to wear full body armor.

Why did knights wear armor?

Knights wore armor to protect themselves from injury or death in battle. In medieval times, warfare was brutal and often involved close-quarters combat with swords and other weapons. The armor allowed knights to withstand attacks and fight more effectively. It also served as a status symbol, showing the knight’s wealth and prestige. Knights were expected to be brave and skilled in battle, and the armor helped them to fulfill this role.

How was armor made in medieval times?

Armor was typically made by skilled blacksmiths or armorers. The process involved heating the metal until it was red-hot and then hammering it into shape. Chainmail was made by weaving small metal rings together. Plate armor was made by shaping sheets of metal over a wooden mold and then hardening and polishing the metal. The armor was often decorated with intricate designs or symbols representing the knight’s family or allegiances. Making armor was a time-consuming and expensive process, so only the wealthiest knights could afford to wear it.

Did armor change over time?

Yes, armor changed over time as technology and warfare evolved. In the early Middle Ages, armor was often made of leather or padded cloth. As metalworking improved, knights began to wear chainmail and later plate armor. The armor became more detailed and decorative, with knights adding their own personal touches. However, as firearms were developed, armor became less effective and eventually fell out of use. By the 17th century, armor was mostly used for ceremonial purposes.

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