City Influence: Solitude – The Dainty Sload

New Objective: Speak with Erikur

Note that you will only receive this mission after completing five additional quests in Solitude, given by Vex or Delvin Mallory at The Ragged Flagon.

It’s important to note that completing all of the City Influence missions and finishing the main Thieves Guild storyline will allow you to become its Leader.

Travel to Solitude and find Erikur, who can usually be found at his house during the night or at the Blue Palace during the day. From a brief conversation with him, you’ll learn that your mission is to plant contraband on a pirate ship. However, before you can do that, you’ll need to acquire the illegal goods from Sabine Nytte.

New Objective: Acquire Balmora Blue

You can find the drug you need in the hold of one of the ships next to the East Empire Company Warehouse. Speak with Sabine Nytte, who can always be found on the ship deck, and she’ll offer to sell you the drug for 1500 gold. If you agree to the price, you’ll receive the Balmora Blue right away. It’s important not to attack Sabine, as she cannot be killed!

If you don’t want to spend the money, you can use your thieving skills. Sneak up on Sabine from behind and steal the Red Wave Safe Key and Sabine’s Footlocker Key. With both keys, go below deck and open the safe (or use a lockpick if you don’t have the key). You’ll find a note stating that the drug is hidden below the ship, not in the safe.

Now you’ll have to dive underwater to reach the chest at the bottom of the lake, which can be found next to the footbridge leading onto the Red Wave (as shown in the screenshot). Use lockpicks if you don’t have the key to open it and retrieve the Balmora Blue.

New Objective: Plant the Balmora Blue

The Dainty Sload can be found northeast of Solitude, near the lighthouse. Once there, you can choose to approach the situation stealthily or with brute force. The quest giver doesn’t mind if you kill the whole crew, as it will save him some trouble. However, if you prefer a more subtle approach, you’ll need to stock up on invisibility potions, as the enemies are placed in a way that makes it difficult to get past them unnoticed.

The chest where you’ll need to plant the Balmora Blue can be found on the lowest deck. Once there, look under the captain’s table (opposite the container) to find one of the Stones of Barenziah (for the quest “No Stone Unturned”) and the book “A Dance in the Fire,” which can boost your Speech skill.

New Objective: Return to Erikur

After completing the mission, return to Erikur, who will reward you and offer his help to Delvin Mallory and the Thieves Guild in the future.

There is something noteworthy about The Dainty Sload – its captain may be sent to jail even if you have already killed him. It’s possible that the developer didn’t anticipate this scenario and will address it in a future update. This information is shared with you by someone, and it’s interesting to consider the implications. The image accompanying this text shows a screenshot from the game.


What is The Dainty Sload?

The Dainty Sload is a famous ship that used to sail around the Caribbean during the 18th century. It was involved in piracy and smuggling, and it was said that the ship was carrying a vast amount of stolen goods. However, in 1785, the ship was caught by the British Navy and was seized. Today, the remains of the ship can be found at the bottom of the sea near the coast of the Bahamas.

How did The Dainty Sload influence the city of Solitude?

The Dainty Sload has become an important part of the history and culture of Solitude. The ship was one of the most famous pirates’ vessels during the golden age of piracy, and its story is still told and celebrated by the people of Solitude. Many local businesses and attractions, such as restaurants and souvenir shops, use the name and image of The Dainty Sload to attract tourists to the city. The ship is also a popular subject for artists and writers, who have created numerous works of art and literature inspired by its story.

Is Solitude a good place for people who seek solitude?

Solitude is a great destination for people who seek solitude. Despite being a popular tourist destination, the city has many quiet and peaceful areas where visitors can relax and enjoy the tranquility. The city’s natural beauty, including its beaches, parks, and forests, provides the perfect backdrop for people who want to spend time alone. Additionally, the city has several retreat centers and wellness spas that offer programs designed to help people find inner peace and tranquility.

What are some of the best things to do in Solitude?

Solitude offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Some of the best things to do in the city include:

  • Visit The Dainty Sload Museum, which showcases the history of the ship and the golden age of piracy.
  • Explore the city’s natural beauty by hiking, biking, or kayaking in its many parks and forests.
  • Relax on one of the city’s beautiful beaches, such as Solitude Beach or Seagull Beach.
  • Sample the city’s delicious seafood dishes at one of its many seafood restaurants.
  • Experience the city’s vibrant nightlife by visiting its bars, clubs, and music venues.

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