Coat of Arms from a Herald

How to start: You must be romantically involved with Josephine and ask her about her life.

Quest giver: Josephine (M12,7)

This quest is only available if you are in a relationship with Josephine. Find her in Skyhold and start a conversation with her. During the conversation, ask about her crest. Josephine will then ask you to find the Old Montilyet crest for her. The quest is short and requires you to go to Val Royeaux to complete it.

Trader Barnabus in Val Royeaux

When you arrive at Val Royeaux, head to the main square and look for a trader named Barnabus (M4,5a). He sells the Old Montilyet crest for 0 gold in the last tab of his items. Purchase it and return it to Josephine to complete the quest.

There are no rewards for completing this quest.


What is heraldry?

Heraldry is the practice of designing, displaying, and recording coats of arms and heraldic badges. It originated in the Middle Ages as a way for knights to identify themselves on the battlefield and evolved into a system of symbols representing families, countries, and institutions. Heraldry includes a variety of elements such as colors, shapes, animals, and objects that have specific meanings and represent specific qualities. Coats of arms are typically displayed on shields, banners, and other items and are still used today by governments, military organizations, and individuals to show their identity and history.

What is a coat of arms?

A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design that represents a person, family, or institution. It typically includes a shield, helmet, crest, mantling, and supporters, each with specific meanings and symbolism. The shield is the central element and is divided into sections called charges, which can include animals, objects, or other symbols. The helmet and crest sit on top of the shield and represent the rank and achievements of the person or family. The mantling is a decorative cloth that hangs from the helmet and shields. Supporters are figures that hold up the shield and can be animals, humans, or mythological creatures. Coats of arms are often passed down through families and can be modified to reflect changes in status or alliances.

What is the role of a herald?

A herald is a professional who is trained in the art of heraldry and is responsible for creating, recording, and regulating coats of arms and other heraldic designs. Heralds were historically employed by monarchs, noble families, and military organizations to oversee the use of heraldry and ensure that it was used correctly. They were also responsible for organizing tournaments and other events where heraldry was displayed. Today, heralds still exist in many countries and have a role in creating and maintaining coats of arms for government organizations and individuals. They also advise on the correct use of heraldry and help to resolve disputes over coats of arms.

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