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Important details about M2 Haven – Codex entries – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Learn about codex entries

1 – Song

2 – Tavern – In Haven, you can find a tavern where you can listen to new songs performed by a bard. Each visit unlocks a new song, but the order is random.

The map above displays the locations where you can find new codex entries in Haven. Keep an eye out for notes, letters, books, and tablets. The tavern located in the western part of the village is a must-visit. The bard there will provide you with new codex entries related to songs. It’s recommended to visit the tavern every time you’re in Haven.

Note that some codex entries are located in the dungeons under the Chantry. To access them, you’ll need to either pick the lock (if you’re a rogue) or ask Sera for help (if you’re a fighter or a mage).


What are Codex entries?

Codex entries are pieces of information that are collected as players explore the world of a game. They can include descriptions of characters, places, objects, and events. Codex entries can also provide lore and backstory to help players better understand the game’s setting and plot.

How do I find Codex entries in Haven?

In Haven, Codex entries can be found by interacting with various objects in the environment, such as terminals and datapads. Players can also receive Codex entries by completing quests and missions. As players collect more Codex entries, they can revisit them in the game’s menu to review the information they have gathered.

Why are Codex entries important in Haven?

Codex entries are important in Haven because they provide players with a deeper understanding of the game’s world and characters. They can also help players make strategic decisions and progress through the game more effectively. Additionally, Codex entries can add to the overall immersion of the game by making the world feel more alive and detailed.

Can I skip Codex entries in Haven?

While players are not required to read every Codex entry in Haven, skipping them can result in missing out on important information and backstory. However, players can choose to skip Codex entries if they prefer to focus solely on gameplay and exploration. It is ultimately up to the player to decide how much they want to engage with the Codex entries in Haven.

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