Codex Entries in Skyhold

Important Points to Remember about Codex Entries in M12 Skyhold – Dragon Age: Inquisition

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1 – The Tavern – There’s a tavern in Skyhold where you can listen to new songs by staying close to a bard.

The map above shows the locations where you can find new codex entries in Skyhold. You should keep an eye out for notes, letters, books, and tablets. It’s important to note that not all entries are available immediately. Some books or documents only appear in the locations marked on the map after you’ve progressed enough in the main campaign, found new party members, or expanded the hold.


What are Codex entries in Skyhold?

Codex entries in Skyhold are pieces of lore that players can collect as they progress through the game. These entries are essentially short stories, biographies, and historical accounts that provide players with additional context and background information about the world of the game. The entries can be found scattered throughout the game world, and players can access them by opening the Codex menu in the game’s main menu. Some Codex entries are also unlocked by completing certain quests or by talking to specific characters in the game.

Why are Codex entries important in Skyhold?

Codex entries are important in Skyhold because they add depth and richness to the game world. By reading through the entries, players can learn more about the history, culture, and politics of the game’s setting. This knowledge can help players better understand the motivations and actions of the game’s characters, as well as provide insights into the larger story being told. Additionally, collecting Codex entries can be a fun and rewarding way for players to immerse themselves in the game world.

Can Codex entries be missed in Skyhold?

Yes, it is possible to miss Codex entries in Skyhold if players do not explore thoroughly or complete certain quests. Some entries can only be unlocked by talking to specific characters or by finding hidden locations in the game world. Therefore, players who rush through the game or focus solely on the main story may miss out on some of the game’s lore and backstory. However, players can always go back and search for Codex entries they missed by revisiting locations and talking to characters again.

Do Codex entries affect gameplay in Skyhold?

No, Codex entries do not directly affect gameplay in Skyhold. They are purely optional and serve primarily to enhance the game’s story and world-building. However, reading Codex entries can help players make more informed decisions in the game, as they will have a better understanding of the game world and its inhabitants. Additionally, collecting Codex entries can be a fun and rewarding sidequest for players who enjoy exploring and immersing themselves in the game’s lore.

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