Codex Entries in The Western Approach

Important Information about M19 The Western Approach – Codex Entries – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Codex Entries

The map above shows locations where you can find new codex entries in The Western Approach. Keep an eye out for notes, letters, books, and tablets.

Note – Some of the map markings indicate codex entries located in caves and dungeons. If you can’t find an entry, check if there’s an underground passage nearby. The entries at Griffon Wing Keep only appear after you capture it.


What are Codex entries in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Codex entries are pieces of information that can be found throughout the game world in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They provide lore and backstory for the game’s characters, locations, and events. Players can access Codex entries at any time through the game’s menu. The entries are divided into categories such as Characters, Locations, and History. Codex entries can also provide hints and clues for quests, as well as provide insight into the game’s world and story.

What are some of the Codex entries found in The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is a region in Dragon Age: Inquisition that is home to many Codex entries. Some of these entries include information on the region’s history, such as the Tevinter Imperium’s attempt to colonize the area and the subsequent rebellion by the local population. Other entries provide information on the creatures and factions that can be found in the region, such as the Venatori and the undead. Additionally, there are Codex entries that provide insight into the personalities and motivations of the region’s major characters, such as Samson and Calpernia. Overall, the Codex entries in The Western Approach provide a rich and detailed look at one of the game’s most interesting regions.

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