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Codex entries

The map above displays the locations where you can find new codex entries in The Fallow Mire. Since there are no caves or dungeons, all of the objects related to the entries are exposed. Look out for notes, letters, books, and other similar items. The only entry that may be difficult to reach is located in the fort, behind a locked door that requires a skilled rogue to open.


What are Codex entries in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Codex entries are pieces of information that the player can collect throughout the game. They provide background information on the game’s world, characters, and lore. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, players can find Codex entries scattered throughout the game world, and they can also be earned by completing quests, killing certain enemies, or discovering new locations. Codex entries can be accessed at any time in the game’s menu, where they are organized by topic. Some Codex entries are essential to the game’s main story, while others provide additional context and depth to the game’s world.

What is The Fallow Mire in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The Fallow Mire is a location in Dragon Age: Inquisition that becomes available after the player completes the main quest “In Hushed Whispers” or “Champions of the Just.” It is a swampy region in Ferelden that is plagued by undead creatures. The Fallow Mire contains several side quests and points of interest, including a Tevinter ruin that can be explored for treasure and a haunted mansion that is home to a powerful demon. The area is also home to several factions, including a group of apostate mages and a band of mercenaries. The Fallow Mire is a dangerous place, and players must be prepared to face powerful enemies in order to complete the area’s quests.

What kind of Codex entries can be found in The Fallow Mire?

The Fallow Mire contains several Codex entries that provide information on the area’s history and inhabitants. Some of the entries detail the swamp’s origins as a site of Tevinter experimentation, while others describe the various creatures that inhabit the area, including the undead, giant spiders, and harts. There are also Codex entries that provide background on the area’s factions, including the apostate mage group known as the “Freemen of the Dales” and the mercenary company known as the “Band of Three.” Additionally, there are Codex entries that provide information on the area’s landmarks and points of interest, including the haunted mansion and the Tevinter ruins.

What rewards can be earned by completing quests in The Fallow Mire?

Completing quests in The Fallow Mire can earn the player experience points, gold, and valuable items. Some of the quests in the area also provide rare crafting materials, including the rare and valuable “Bloodstone.” Additionally, completing the quests in the area can provide valuable information and context for the game’s main story, as well as providing opportunities to recruit new agents for the player’s Inquisition. Finally, completing The Fallow Mire’s quests can provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, as the area’s challenges are formidable and require careful planning and strategy to overcome.

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