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Important Details about the M31 Frostback Basin – Codex Information – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Codex Information

The map of the Frostback Basin above displays various codex entries which include books, notes, objects like statues and stones with entries written on them. Few of these entries are concealed in the location in these forms. If you want to discover all of them, it won’t take much of your time. Majority of the entries can be found near camps or at specific locations like ruins or houses.


What are Codex entries in The Frostback Basin?

Codex entries in The Frostback Basin are pieces of information that players can collect throughout the game. They provide a deeper insight into the lore and history of the region, as well as its characters and creatures. These entries can be found in various locations, such as books, notes, or statues, and can be accessed through the Codex menu in the game’s interface. Collecting Codex entries is not necessary to complete the game, but it can enrich the player’s experience and understanding of the world.

How many Codex entries are there in The Frostback Basin?

The number of Codex entries in The Frostback Basin depends on the player’s actions and exploration. Some entries can only be obtained by completing certain quests, while others are hidden in remote areas of the map. Generally, there are around 30-40 Codex entries in The Frostback Basin, but this number can vary. It is recommended to explore thoroughly and talk to NPCs to discover all the available entries.

What kind of information can be found in Codex entries in The Frostback Basin?

Codex entries in The Frostback Basin contain a wide range of information, from historical events to cultural practices and natural phenomena. Some entries provide background information on the region’s factions and their conflicts, while others describe the habits and behaviors of its wildlife. There are also entries that reveal the personal stories and motivations of the characters, both friendly and hostile. Overall, Codex entries offer a rich and detailed world-building experience that complements the main story and quests.

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