Collecting Minikits

In every stage of the main campaign, there are 10 minikits hidden in hard-to-reach places or linked to specific tasks. You can collect a total of 150 minikits throughout gameplay (15 missions x 10 collectibles). To obtain them, you need to first unlock free play mode and choose the right hero with the appropriate skills. Some puzzles require specific characters to solve. This guide provides precise instructions to help you with this.

To unlock free play mode, you must complete every mission in the main campaign. Only then will you gain access to the extended character reel. To open it, hold down the change character button. Keep in mind that some characters must be purchased or unlocked in the New York City area (refer to the relevant chapters of this guide for more information).

Collecting all the minikits in the game does not provide any special reward, but you will receive a gold brick and a comic book for collecting all minikits in a stage. Collecting all the game’s collectibles is also necessary to achieve a 100% completion rate.

If you want to view your comic books, go to Deadpool’s chamber on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and use the white sheet on the right. To get there, exit the main room of the vehicle through the door on the left side. You will gain access to this location after completing the main campaign.


1. What are Minikit Sets?

Minikit Sets are small sets of LEGO bricks that are designed to build a miniature version of a larger LEGO set. These sets usually include anywhere from 50 to 100 pieces, and they typically come with instructions for building a small version of a popular LEGO set.

2. Who are Minikit Sets designed for?

Minikit Sets are designed for LEGO fans of all ages. They are great for kids who are just starting to get into LEGO building, as well as for adults who want a fun and easy way to build a miniature version of their favorite LEGO set.

3. Are Minikit Sets compatible with other LEGO sets?

Yes, Minikit Sets are compatible with other LEGO sets. In fact, many Minikit Sets are designed to be combined with other LEGO sets to create larger scenes or dioramas. The bricks in Minikit Sets are the same size and shape as the bricks in other LEGO sets, so they can be easily combined with other sets.

4. What are some popular Minikit Sets?

Some popular Minikit Sets include the LEGO Star Wars X-wing Fighter, the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express, and the LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet. These sets are all based on popular LEGO sets and movies, and they are great for collectors or fans of those franchises.

5. Where can I buy Minikit Sets?

Minikit Sets are available at most toy stores and online retailers that sell LEGO sets. They are typically priced lower than larger LEGO sets, so they are a great option for people who want to build LEGO sets on a budget. You can also find Minikit Sets at LEGO stores and on the LEGO website.

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