Collecting Shards

Unlocking Method: Automatically, after completing the “Investigate the Shards” mission.

Mission Giver: – (M2, 3)

The mission is connected to the Forbidden Oasis.

This mission will appear in your log after you find the operation icon on the war map in Haven (M2,3), which is related to it. To complete this mission automatically, you must have at least 4 Power points. Spending the Power points will unlock access to The Storm Coast, where you need to go. Once you reach the Coast (M5,1), listen to the conversation with Scout Harding, and then you will be able to start exploring this area.

Note – The mission connected with this quest becomes available after you find any Shard in the game world.

Note – If you have not taken on this mission at the beginning of the game, it will still be available after you reach Skyhold.

Rewards for completing the mission:

  • New side mission unlocked: “The Temple of Pride”
  • New side mission unlocked: “Rifts in the Oasis”
  • New side mission unlocked: “Holding the Oasis”
  • New location unlocked The Forbidden Oasis
  • Experience (small)
  • 40 Influence points


What is a Shard Collector?

A Shard Collector is a player in the online game, Summoners War, who specializes in collecting and upgrading a specific type of item called a shard. Shards are used to summon new monsters in the game, and collectors focus on obtaining and enhancing them for their personal monster collection.

How do you become a Shard Collector?

Becoming a Shard Collector requires a significant investment of time and resources in the game. Players must dedicate themselves to farming specific areas of the game to obtain the desired shards, and then use those shards to summon and enhance their monsters. Successful collectors often have a deep understanding of the game mechanics and are willing to put in the effort to optimize their collection.

What are the benefits of being a Shard Collector?

Being a Shard Collector can provide several benefits in Summoners War. By specializing in a particular type of shard, players can quickly build up a strong collection of monsters with complementary abilities. This can make it easier to progress through the game’s various challenges and compete at a high level in PvP battles. Additionally, collectors may be able to trade or sell their excess shards to other players, further enhancing their overall gameplay experience.

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