Companions in Saints Row 2022: Kev, Eli, and Neenah

In Saints Row, you have three main companions available – Kev, Eli, and Neenah. This guide will show you how to utilize their help, improve their skills, and rescue them from danger.

While playing alone is possible, having allies can make the game easier. This guide will explain when your companions will appear, how to unlock the Call for Backup feature, and how to upgrade your companions.

  • The Saints
  • Unlocking and Using Call for Backup
  • Companion Unavailable – Why?
  • Reviving Companions
  • Improving Stats and Upgrading Companions’ Weapons

The Saints

The Saints are the main characters of Saints Row. They include the playable protagonist, Kev, Neenah, and Eli. Your allies can appear in certain story missions, join you in exploring the world, or engage in optional activities together. However, this is not available right away.

Unlocking and Using Call for Backup

You cannot call for backup initially. You will gain access to this feature after completing the Be Your Own Boss story mission. This mission rewards you with the Contacts app on your phone, which includes the Call for Backup feature.

To call for backup, use the app, select the ally you want to summon, and call them. They will arrive after a while and travel with you from then on. Your companions will join you in combat, fight alongside you, and attack enemy vehicles during chases.

Companion Unavailable – Why?

In certain situations, you may be unable to call for help. This could be because you are currently playing through a story mission or a solo activity. You could also be driving a vehicle, too close to the Saints HQ, or your companion is injured and recovering from their wounds.

Reviving Companions

Your allies can be defeated in combat and need your help to recover. First, eliminate the enemies surrounding them. Then, stand next to your ally and interact with them for a few seconds to revive them. If successful, your companion will be back in action.

Improving Stats and Upgrading Companions’ Weapons

You cannot modify your companions’ equipment, but you can improve their combat capabilities by completing specific main missions. During the mission summary screen, you can learn how to increase their stats and abilities.

If you want to improve your companion’s effectiveness in the game, there are two ways to do it. First, you can increase their stats, which will give them more health or a boost in damage. Second, you can upgrade their weapon, which will obviously increase their damage potential. Once you are able to call allies, it is recommended that you play through several more main missions before upgrading your companions once or twice. This will make them more useful and less likely to die.


What are Companions in Saints Row 2022?

Companions in Saints Row 2022 are non-playable characters that can accompany the player character on missions and provide assistance in combat. These companions have unique personalities, abilities, and backstories that players can explore while playing the game. Kev, Eli, and Neenah are three of the companions available in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose to bring one companion at a time, and each has their own set of skills that can be upgraded over time. Companions can also be customized with different outfits and accessories, allowing players to create a unique look for each of their allies.

Who is Kev in Saints Row 2022?

Kev is one of the companions in Saints Row 2022. He is a former gang member who now works as a mechanic and is known for his expertise in building and repairing vehicles. Kev is a loyal and dependable companion who can provide support during missions by repairing damaged vehicles or providing cover fire with his shotgun. Players can also upgrade Kev’s abilities to increase his effectiveness in combat or his ability to repair vehicles quickly. Kev’s backstory is explored in more detail throughout the game, and players can learn more about his past and why he left the gang life behind.

Who is Eli in Saints Row 2022?

Eli is another one of the companions in Saints Row 2022. He is a former soldier who now works as a freelance mercenary and is known for his combat skills and tactical expertise. Eli is a versatile companion who can provide support in a variety of ways, including taking out enemies with his sniper rifle or hacking into security systems to open doors or disable alarms. Players can also upgrade Eli’s abilities to increase his effectiveness in combat or his ability to hack into more complex systems. Eli’s backstory is also explored throughout the game, and players can learn more about his experiences as a soldier and how they have influenced his mercenary work.

Who is Neenah in Saints Row 2022?

Neenah is the final companion in Saints Row 2022. She is a former street racer who now works as a getaway driver and is known for her fast reflexes and expert driving skills. Neenah is a valuable companion during missions that involve car chases or getaways, as she can navigate the city’s streets with ease and provide cover fire from behind the wheel. Players can also upgrade Neenah’s abilities to increase her driving speed or her accuracy with weapons. Neenah’s backstory is also explored in the game, and players can learn more about her experiences as a street racer and how she became involved in the world of crime.

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