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New Main Objective: Find evidence

Note! You receive this task while completing the Reunification of Skyrim main Imperial Legion Quest and it is necessary to complete it to proceed to the next part.

Open the world map. Your destination is Riften, located in the southeast part of Skyrim (the above screen). If you have been there before, you can use Fast Travel. Otherwise, you need to plan your journey, so consider taking a wagon (for example, the one in the Whiterun Stables). When you try to enter Riften for the first time, a Riften Guard will stop you. Depending on your preference, you can pay a tax to gain entry to the whole city, or use Speech and try to persuade or intimidate him.

Once you are in Riften, head north. You need to get to Mistveil Keep (the above screen). Naturally, if you have been there before, you can transport there straight away, especially since the keep is visible on the world map.

Go straight ahead. Ignore everyone in the room completely, because you do not have to speak to anyone at the moment. You should get to a south passage guarded by two sentries (the above screen).

Theoretically, you should start sneaking now, but it is better to take such precautions if you have Invisibility spells or potions. Go past the sentries, first turning right and then left. You should get to a bedroom (the above screen). Ignore the warning of a guard patrolling the hallway because he will not detain you immediately.

Close the bedroom door behind you and start examining it. Ignore the cabinet, which requires a key or a picklock to open, and check the dresser underneath (the above screen). Take the Incriminating Letter out (you can read it from the Inventory menu) and quickly go back to Mistveil Keep’s main hall.

Note – if you spend too much time exploring the areas closed to guests or run around the keep with your weapons drawn, you may encourage the guards to attack your character. If so, I do not recommend fighting them back (the above screen), but quickly putting down your weapons, surrendering, or agreeing to go to prison. Otherwise, you will be surrounded by a large group of highly trained foes who would be difficult to beat.

New Main Objective: Blackmail Anuriel

Find Anuriel in the main hall of Mistveil Keep (the above screen). If you cannot see her anywhere, wait until the next day, or else you will have to risk going into the closed areas of the keep again. During a conversation with Anuriel, tell her that you have a letter incriminating her, and she will ask you to join her in a back chamber.

Follow Anuriel and stay close to her as advised (the above screen). Your second conversation with her takes place once you get to her bedroom, from where you stole the letter earlier.

The quest involves revealing to Anuriel that you are a member of the Imperial Legion. In exchange for information about a shipment of silver and weapons, she agrees to keep the contents of the Incriminating Letter to herself. If you have high Speech skill, you can persuade her to give you additional gold pieces. Anuriel tells you about a caravan traveling from Riften to Windhelm, giving you enough time to catch up to it and attack it.

The new main objective is to report to Legate Rikke at the Rift Imperial Camp and share the information about the caravan. Rikke suggests organizing a joint attack on the caravan with Imperial scouts in the area. Meeting up with the scouts is optional but recommended.

The scouting party is on the road to Windhelm, specifically in the area of Shor’s Stone. Approach the scouts from the south to avoid running into the caravan prematurely. Talk to Hadvar, who tells you that his group has been tracking the caravan for some time. You can either attack the caravan alone or take part in a trap the scouts are planning to set up.

If you choose to act alone, go northeast and attack the Stormcloak Guards from close combat. If you have agreed to Hadvar’s plan, wait for nightfall and follow the scouts, staying close to Hadvar. Wait until he gives orders to eliminate the enemy scout quietly. Then move forward to the Stormcloaks camp and fight until every caravan guard is dead.

Afterward, examine the enemy camp and open one of the chests on the wagon for valuable items. Report back to Hadvar and listen to his commentary. The mission is complete, and you can return to completing the Reunification of Skyrim, with the main objective of Regaining the Rift.


1. What is Compelling Tribute in Skyrim?

Compelling Tribute is one of the Imperial Legion quests in the popular video game Skyrim. This quest involves helping General Tullius and the Imperial Legion to take over the Rift Hold, which is currently controlled by the Stormcloak rebels. As the Dragonborn, the player must infiltrate the Rift Hold and gain the trust of the Jarl, Laila Law-Giver, before ultimately betraying her to the Imperials. This quest is part of the main storyline of Skyrim, and completing it is necessary to progress further in the game.

2. How do I start the Compelling Tribute quest?

To start the Compelling Tribute quest, the player must first join the Imperial Legion and complete the quest “Joining the Legion.” After this, General Tullius will give the player the task of taking over the Rift Hold. The player should speak to Legate Rikke in Riften to receive further instructions and begin the quest.

3. What are the rewards for completing the Compelling Tribute quest?

Completing the Compelling Tribute quest in Skyrim rewards the player with experience points, gold, and increased favor with the Imperial Legion. The player will also receive a promotion within the Legion and be granted the rank of “Legionnaire,” which comes with various benefits such as access to Imperial equipment and the ability to command lower-ranked soldiers. Additionally, completing this quest is necessary to progress further in the game’s main storyline.

4. Can I complete the Compelling Tribute quest without betraying the Jarl?

No, the player cannot complete the Compelling Tribute quest without ultimately betraying the Jarl of Riften. The quest requires the player to gain the Jarl’s trust and then provide false information to her, leading to her capture by the Imperial Legion. While the player may choose to spare her life during the quest, she will still be imprisoned and no longer in power. It is important to note that this quest is part of the game’s main storyline, and completing it is necessary to progress further in the game.

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