Complete Guide for Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map – Three-Headed Serpent Mission

Important Locations in Hitman 2 – Santa Fortuna

1 – Default starting point. After finishing the mission, you can return to the bus stop.

2 – Doctor’s office. You can find lethal poison here. The entrance to the underground complex is guarded by 2 thugs and a camera.

3 – Hostel. You can find a hippie and a toy used for drug smuggling here.

4 – Town plaza. Rico Delgado’s statue unveiling is planned here. You can sabotage the statue by assembling the musicians and going through the path with two guards at the back.

5 – Martinez compound. Andrea Martinez can be found here or in the town. There are many opportunities to kill her. You can choose the main entrance or the side entrance (locked gate). The upper floor of the compound has surveillance equipment.

6 – Drummer’s apartment. Finding the (dead) drummer is required to complete the music band set to perform on the stage in the town plaza.

7 – Fishing shanty. You can find a hiding submarine engineer here and take over his identity.

8 – Bar. P-Power, a tatooist, can be found here – you can steal his identity and murder Rico Delgado after reaching his mansion. The bartender has keys to the basement – you can distract him, knock him out and steal the keys.

9 – Construction site. Only authorized personnel are allowed inside. You can get here with Andrea Martinez dressed as a shaman to stage an accident. There’s an entrance to the caves at the back of the construction site.

10 – Main entrance to Rico Delgado’s mansion. You must use a disguise or go right and climb over the wall.

11 – Mansion gardens. They are patrolled by a large number of guards. You can reach the mansion from the caves using a secret passage in the garage (it works both ways).

12 – Rico Delgado’s mansion. In the basement, you can find the surveillance room, the torture chamber, and cartel hideout. On the ground floor, there are large rooms with exhibits. On the upper floor, you’ll find offices of Rico and Hector Delgado.

13 – Alternative entrances to the mansion. They connect the mansion with the coca field.

14 – Hippo enclosure. You can dress as the hippo’s keeper and push Rico Delgado into the enclosure so that he gets eaten.

15 – Shaman’s hut. You can knock him out or kill him and wear his clothes. The Shaman is supposed to meet with Andrea Martinez and accompany her to the construction site.

16 – Plane crash. You can drop the red box from the ledge and collect a circuit board. It’s needed to start a machine in the coca field.

17 – Rare plant. Jorge Franco will show up here after you destroy the plant in the coca field. It’s an opportunity to murder him.

18 – Coca field. You have to sneak or use disguise here. Jorge Franco travels between buildings here.

19 – Botany lab. You can destroy the plant and force Jorge Franco to go to the jungle to look for a new one (good opportunity to kill him).

20 – Production shed. You can install the circuit board found by the crashed plane in the jungle. Jorge Franco will show up, and you can throw him inside the machine.

You can use sedative pills to knock out NPCs without killing them.


Concealed Weapon: Machete

A silent and deadly melee weapon.


Smuggled Item: Lockpick Mk II

A more advanced version of the lockpick, allowing you to open more difficult locks.


Weapon: Sieger 300 Sniper

A powerful sniper rifle with a long range.


Starting Location: Ruins

A good starting location for getting closer to some targets.

These are just some of the unlocks you can get by increasing your mastery level in Santa Fortuna. Experiment with different approaches and complete challenges to unlock even more rewards.

The effect of these pills is a bit different from rat poison that causes vomiting, as they immediately make the victim unconscious after ingestion.

The starting location at the village hostel is advantageous as it provides the key to the hostel room from the beginning.

The hidden stash at the hostel can only accommodate small items.

The fragmentation grenade can be used to kill mission targets, but it may also harm innocent bystanders and raise an alarm due to the explosion.

Choosing the starting location at the village bar can save time while planning any action in the bar.

The hidden stash at the fishing village can only accommodate small items.

The effect of the emetic pills is similar to that of rat poison, causing the poisoned person to vomit in a toilet or a secluded place.

The starting location at the shaman’s hut can save time while disguising as the shaman.

The hidden stash in the jungle can only accommodate small items.

The assault rifle Shashka A33 H is not very useful due to its poor accuracy and lack of a silencer.

The starting location at the construction site with the construction worker disguise is a good option, but the disguise cannot be worn while visiting other locations like caves or the mansion.

The construction site is also a good location to smuggle a sniper rifle or other large objects.

The starting location at the coca fields with the coca field worker disguise is perfect for eliminating Jorge Franco quickly.

The SMG TAC-SMG Mk II has good accuracy and fire rate but lacks a silencer.

The hidden stash at the coca fields is also a good location to smuggle a sniper rifle or other large objects.

The RFID triggered explosive detonates when the corresponding RFID tag is nearby.

The starting location at the submarine cave with the submarine crew member disguise is a good starting point for turning off monitoring, accessing other locations, and optionally sabotaging the submarine.

The hidden stash in the caves can only accommodate small items.

Only small items can be stored here. A secret hiding spot is a great solution to avoid being caught by guards at the cave entrance.


Starting Location: Mansion Basement

Starting Disguise: Mansion Staff Member

This is an ideal starting point and disguise to quickly eliminate Rico Delgado.


Proximity CX Demo Block Mk II

This gadget is not very useful as it can be identified by enemies.


Hidden Stash: Wine Cellar

This is a good location to smuggle a sniper rifle or other large objects.


ICA Remote Micro Audio Distraction

This can help distract enemies from a distance, preferably with a delay.

You can reach up to level 20 mastery in Santa Fortuna, but it may take a long time and many challenges. The most useful item to obtain here for mastery levels is Emetic Pills. While you can find a lot of Emetic Rat Poison in Santa Fortuna, selecting Emetic Pills before the mission will save you additional time. Remember to choose the pills for level 7 of mastery. Sedative Pills from level 2 cause immediate loss of consciousness, which can alert others if the location is public.

The best starting locations are the coca fields and mansion basement. Choosing these places will allow you to eliminate some of the targets quickly, and Agent 47 will already be disguised. If you plan to use a sniper rifle to kill your target, smuggle it to the Village Construction Building, coca fields, or wine cellar.


What is the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map?

The Three-Headed Serpent is one of the most challenging missions in the Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map. It takes place in a remote village in Colombia where you are tasked with eliminating three high-profile targets: Rico Delgado, Andrea Martinez, and Jorge Franco. Each target has their own unique set of challenges that require careful planning and execution. The mission also involves gathering clues, disguising yourself, and taking advantage of the environment to complete your objectives. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate all three targets and escape the area without being detected. This mission is known for its complexity and requires a lot of patience and strategy to successfully complete.

What are some tips for completing the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map?

Here are some tips for completing the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map:

  • Take your time to gather information about the targets and their surroundings.
  • Use disguises to blend in with the environment and avoid detection.
  • Be creative with your approach and take advantage of the environment to eliminate your targets.
  • Use distractions to lure your targets away from their guards and isolate them.
  • Plan your escape route in advance and be prepared to improvise if things go wrong.

What are the consequences of getting caught during the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map?

If you get caught during the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna Map, you will have to deal with the consequences of your actions. This can include being chased by guards, having your disguise compromised, or losing your weapons. Getting caught can also make it more difficult to complete your objectives and escape the area. Additionally, if you kill innocent civilians or leave evidence behind, it can impact your overall score and reputation as a hitman. It is important to be careful and avoid getting caught whenever possible to ensure a successful mission.

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