Concealed Areas | Emerald Graves

This illustrated map showcases the locations that are concealed and harder to access within the Emerald Graves.

Using the key obtained from bandits, you can unlock the door to Villa Maurel

The first point on the map indicates the entrance to Villa Maurel. This is one of the two extra locations you can find while exploring the Emerald Graves. However, the villa is usually locked and requires a key to enter. You can obtain the key by defeating one of the bandits guarding the villa. Once you have defeated them, you can loot their corpses to retrieve the key.

The second point on the map marks the entrance to Chateau d’Onterre, which is the second additional location in the Emerald Graves. Unlike Villa Maurel, there are no additional steps required to enter this location.


1. What are hidden areas in the Emerald Graves?

Hidden areas are secret locations in the Emerald Graves, a region in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. These areas are not marked on the map and require a bit of exploration to find. They often contain rare resources, treasure, or enemies to defeat.

2. How do I find hidden areas in the Emerald Graves?

To find hidden areas in the Emerald Graves, you will need to explore the region thoroughly and keep an eye out for any unusual terrain or landmarks. Look for hidden paths, caves, and ruins that may lead to secret areas. You can also talk to NPCs and read codex entries to learn more about the region and its hidden secrets.

3. Are there any dangers in hidden areas?

Yes, hidden areas in the Emerald Graves often contain powerful enemies or traps that can be a challenge to overcome. Make sure to bring a well-equipped party and be prepared for a fight. It’s also a good idea to save your game before entering a hidden area, just in case things don’t go according to plan.

4. What kind of rewards can I find in hidden areas?

Hidden areas in the Emerald Graves can contain a variety of rewards, including rare crafting materials, unique weapons or armor, and valuable treasure. Some hidden areas may also contain clues or information relevant to the game’s story or side quests.

5. Are there any hidden areas that are particularly difficult to find?

Yes, there are several hidden areas in the Emerald Graves that are particularly well-hidden and difficult to find. These areas often require a combination of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat skills to access. Some of the most challenging hidden areas include the Tomb of Fairel and the Old Temple.

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