Crafting and improving – making potions, tonics and grenades in Dragon Age Inquisition

Window for upgrading potions

The primary auxiliary items in Dragon Age Inquisition are potions. They are divided into three categories: basic (which improve regeneration and mana capacity), tonics (which provide resistances and constitution), and grenades. Each character has two potions in their set, with the regeneration potion being the only one that is free and replenishes after each visit to camp. Additional potions and a potion slot can be unlocked using perk points and Inquisition points. To brew a potion, you need to find a brewing table (at the herbalists in the HQ, at strongholds and in outposts), select the potion (drag it to the appropriate field), and click it. The required ingredients for brewing the potion will be displayed. Plants are required to brew potions, with their availability depending on the region and nobility. It is still beneficial to collect all plants as they may be useful in the future.

Each potion can be upgraded, but it requires a large number of plants of a specific kind. To upgrade, select the potion and check the details to view the available upgrades. The Optimal Cutting Inquisition perk (in the Secrets category) can be used to speed up the process of gathering ingredients. It provides a 10% chance of collecting more plants in one cut. Additionally, the party can collect ingredients for you while in tactical mode (taking approximately 11 minutes).

Pots in the garden with oversized plants

Another interesting option is to grow plants (requiring Skyhold). The garden has two plant pots that can be used to grow any plants that grow from below the ground (not those that hang from above) – including common and unique species. It is best to plant rare species. Inquisition tasks will also provide an option to upgrade your garden. Once completed, the garden can be expanded to receive more pots for planting more plants or be made accessible to citizens who will offer the Inquisition gold and ingredients in return.


1. What is the importance of crafting and upgrading in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Crafting and upgrading play a crucial role in Dragon Age Inquisition as they allow players to create and customize their own weapons, armor, potions, tonics, and grenades. By crafting and upgrading, players can improve the effectiveness of their equipment and enhance their abilities in combat. This is especially important in higher difficulty levels where battles can be more challenging. Crafting also allows players to use unique materials that they have found throughout the game to create powerful items that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

2. How do I craft potions, tonics, and grenades in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To craft potions, tonics, and grenades, players must first acquire the required materials. These can be found by looting containers, defeating enemies, or purchasing from merchants. Once the required materials are obtained, go to the crafting table and select the potion, tonic, or grenade you want to create. Then, select the materials you want to use and craft the item. Players can also upgrade their potions, tonics, and grenades by using higher quality materials and spending crafting points. Upgrading increases the effectiveness of these items in combat.

3. What are the benefits of crafting and upgrading potions in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Crafting and upgrading potions in Dragon Age Inquisition provide players with many benefits. Potions can be used to heal themselves or their allies during combat. Potions can also provide temporary boosts to abilities such as increased damage, armor, or mana regeneration. Upgraded potions are more effective and last longer than their basic counterparts. Additionally, some potions have unique effects that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Crafting and upgrading potions is an important part of preparing for difficult battles and can turn the tide in the player’s favor.

4. How do I unlock new recipes for crafting in Dragon Age Inquisition?

New recipes for crafting can be unlocked by finding recipe books scattered throughout the game world. These books are often found in hidden locations or as rewards for completing quests. Players can also purchase recipe books from merchants or earn them by completing certain achievements. It is important to note that some recipes can only be unlocked by progressing through the main story or completing certain side quests. By unlocking new recipes, players can access new and powerful items that can aid them in their journey.

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