Crater Lake in Days Gone: Map, Secrets, and Collectibles

Key Points of Days Gone: Crater Lake Collectibles


R.I.P. Sermons

Historical Markers


NERO Intel

On this page of our World Atlas for Days Gone, you will find a map that shows all the secrets of the Crater Lake region. Collecting these items will help you achieve 100% progress in the game. These secrets can be notes, audio recordings, or historical markers.

  • Information about collectibles in the Crater Lake region
  • Colonel Garret’s tent
  • #7 NERO Intel
  • #36 Nero Intel
  • #24, #30 Historical Markers

Information about Collectibles in the Crater Lake Region

The Crater Lake region contains:

  1. 9 Character Collectibles – some of which you acquire as you progress through the game
  2. 9 NERO Intel
  3. 9 Historical Markers
  4. 3 Tourism secrets
  5. 4 plants from the Herbology section – these are not marked on our map as they can be found in various locations

We have described the more complex secrets below. We have also included screenshots to help you locate each secret more easily and quickly.

Colonel Garret’s Tent

Some of the secrets marked on our map are found in Colonel Garret’s tent. It may be difficult to locate, but you can find it by taking the path in the Wizard Islands camp that leads to the top of the mountain. The tent is shown in the attached image. You can explore it during the main storyline or even after you finish the game.

#7 NERO Intel

This NERO Intel is on a small island near Wizard Island. The only way to reach it is to jump to the island on your bike. Drive to the ramp shown in the picture above (located in the south) with activated nitrous. After you land, look for a helicopter wreck. Besides an Injector, Deacon will also find this NERO Intel.

#36 Nero Intel

The NERO Intel is located near the NERO Research Site in the mine to the northwest of Diamond Lake. Deacon visits the mine during the “Leave All That by the Door” mission. The mine’s entrance is unlocked by pushing the vehicle (as shown in the image above). After completing the mission objectives, continue exploring the mine. One of the steps leads to the mobile base, where you will find a voice recorder. You can also return to the mine later in the game if necessary.

#24, #30 Historical Markers

Both Historical Markers are near a cliff. You can reach them from the east (a path leads to that place). Be careful when driving your bike as you can fall easily. In the best case, you will have to start climbing again.


What is Crater Lake in Days Gone?

Crater Lake is a location in the game Days Gone that is situated in the southern region of the map. It is a volcanic crater that has been filled with water and is surrounded by dense forests and rocky terrain. The area is home to various types of creatures and enemies, including Freakers, Wolves, and Ragers. The location also features several buildings, campsites, and facilities that players can explore.

What are the collectibles in Crater Lake?

There are several types of collectibles that players can find in Crater Lake. The most common type of collectible is Nero Intel, which is scattered throughout the area and can be found by exploring buildings and campsites. Other types of collectibles include Historical Markers, which provide players with information about the history of the region, and Tourism Collectibles, which are items that can be collected for their value as souvenirs.

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