Creating Weapons and Armor in Dragon Age Inquisition

Weapons Crafting Window

To create a weapon, you will need schematics and the materials specified in the schematics. You will also need a crafting station. The quality of the materials used affects the final product’s attack and defense values, so it is best to use the highest quality materials available. The attack and defense values are displayed in the upper-right corner of the schematic. Crafting your own weapons allows you to customize them to suit your needs. However, if you’re not picky, legendary weapons are also an option, though hand-crafted weapons are rarely a match. As for armor, with the right schematics, crafted armor can exceed the quality of legendary armor.


What materials are needed for crafting in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To craft weapons and armor in Dragon Age Inquisition, you will need various materials such as metal, cloth, leather, and other rare resources. These materials can be obtained by looting enemies, completing quests, or purchasing them from merchants. The type of material required will depend on the item you wish to craft. For example, metal is required to craft swords and armor, while cloth is necessary for robes. Higher quality materials will result in better stats for the item you craft.

How do I unlock new crafting schematics in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To unlock new crafting schematics, you will need to progress through the game and complete certain quests. Some schematics can also be obtained by looting enemies or purchasing them from merchants. Additionally, you can unlock new schematics by upgrading your Inquisition perks. Invest points into the “Forces” perk to unlock new weapon and armor schematics, or the “Secrets” perk to gain access to new crafting materials.

Can crafted items be upgraded in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Yes, crafted items can be upgraded in Dragon Age Inquisition. To do this, you will need to have the appropriate crafting materials and possess the schematic for the upgraded version of the item. You can then access the crafting menu and select the item you wish to upgrade. Upgraded items will have better stats and may even gain new abilities or effects.

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