Cult of the Lamb: Bosses – a rundown of all and suggestions

At the end of each crusade, you will come across a stronger adversary. This page of the Cult of the Lamb game manual provides a list of all the bosses and recommendations on how to defeat them. Furthermore, we have provided information on skirmishes with Bishops and The One Who Waits himself.

Here, you can view a catalog of all the bosses that you will confront during your expedition with Cult of the Lamb. Additionally, we have provided useful advice on how to combat Bishops effectively.

  • Amdusias
  • Valefar
  • Barbatos
  • Leshy (Bishop)
  • Gusion
  • Eligos
  • Zepar
  • Heket (Bishop)
  • Saleos
  • Haven
  • Baalzebub
  • Kallamar (Bishop)
  • Focalor
  • Vephar
  • Hauras
  • Shamura (Bishop)
  • Baal (Final Boss Servant)
  • Aym (Final Boss Servant)
  • The One Who Waits (Final Boss)


Amdusias is the first boss discovered in the Darkwood area. He is not a difficult opponent and has a low number of health points. During the confrontation, make sure to evade his charge attacks that are indicated by his silhouette brightening up. The best approach is to concentrate on reducing Amdusias’s health as soon as possible, while disregarding the minor adversaries.


Stay active throughout this encounter, as Valefar’s projectiles in multiple directions can make the battle more challenging. Also, be alert when the opponent signals his death from above. Another attack involves shooting lethal projectiles that are indicated by an exclamation mark appearing over his head. Once you receive the signal, quickly move away to the edge of the arena to avoid taking damage.


Barbatos is the third boss in the Darkwood region. This adversary likes to dig underground, carving tunnels and leaving a trail of spikes that you must sidestep. Keep attacking him with Curses, as ranged attacks are the most effective in this case. When you run out of Fervour, carefully approach the enemy to land a few melee strikes, and then retreat to a safe distance.

Leshy (Bishop)

Leshy rules over Darkwood and is the first Bishop that you will confront. Here are some tips on how to defeat him:

  1. During the fight with Leshy, be observant of the enemy’s moves as they are similar to previous bosses in Darkwood.
  2. When Leshy prepares to launch multiple projectiles, move away to a safe distance to avoid them.
  3. If Leshy’s health drops to half, be aware of the new move where it jumps and lands forcefully on the ground, causing serious wounds.
  4. Retreat to a safe distance after a few hits as Leshy often attacks in melee.


Gusion can lay eggs that hatch into frogs, but focus on defeating him quickly while attacking additional opponents with AoE curses.


The second boss in Anura fires homing insect projectiles, but you can destroy incoming projectiles and deal damage by approaching the boss.


Zepar’s movement pattern is similar to Gusion’s, but he has explosive projectiles that deal AoE damage. Avoid them, and eliminate the smaller opponents among the large toads that appear when Zepar’s health drops to 1/3.

Heket (Bishop)

When fighting Heket, dodge constantly as he often uses AoE attacks. Avoid the exploding insects and eliminate the large toads that appear when his health drops to 1/3 to make him reappear.


Watch out for the spikes Saleos shoots out of his body and stay on the move while dealing damage and dodging.


Avoid Haven’s fire rings by performing a dodge at the perfect moment, and eliminate the minor enemies he summons.


Jump to Baalzebub after he finishes ranged attacks and use Blast and Spatter Curses.

Kallamar (Bishop)

The fight with Kallamar is difficult, so remember to take care of the smaller opponents, dodge his AoE attacks, and eliminate the large toads that appear when his health drops to 1/3 to make him reappear.

  1. To beat Kallamar, be prepared to do a lot of running as he can teleport anywhere in the arena. Eliminate any lesser opponents he summons to avoid unnecessary damage. When Kallamar fires a barrage of projectiles, use dodges to get through the tough spot and take advantage of the moment when he is idle to attack.
  2. Focalor, the first boss in Silk Cradle, is vulnerable to Curse attacks. Use hit-and-run tactics, and watch out for his charge attack and AoE blasts.
  3. To defeat Vephar, avoid his poisonous projectiles and retreat after a few melee attacks. Wait for his spikes to disappear before repeating the attack and escape pattern.
  4. Stay on the move when fighting Hauras, as he fires projectiles of various range, frequency and speed. Use Curses and short blows, as staying close to him for too long can result in severe damage from his melee attacks.
  5. Shamura is a tough opponent that uses a variety of attacks, from projectiles to melee and jump attacks, so staying on the move is mandatory. Dodge his exploding projectiles and approach him to land a few hits. The less health he has, the more frequently he attacks. Use instant activation Curses to deal damage quickly.
  6. To defeat Baal, watch out for his melee combo and spikes that spread to four sides, or one that homes towards you. Dodge at the right moment and attack with combinations. Aym’s moveset is similar, with spike attacks taking the form of three shots in straight lines. Avoid his missiles and use a combination of melee attacks and Curses to win.

The Final Boss: The One Who Waits

The battle against The One Who Waits is divided into two phases, each with a different form and set of attacks.

Phase 1:

  1. The boss uses some attacks previously seen by Baal and Aym, such as spikes that are easily avoidable.
  2. A more dangerous attack is a series of five waves of fireball rings. Retreat after the first wave to avoid damage when the balls disperse. When the last wave ends, the boss teleports, leaving an opportunity to attack.
  3. The One Who Waits summons four lines of fireballs that swirl around him. It is important to retreat and dodge properly to avoid taking damage from multiple attacks.
  4. When the boss’s health is half gone, he becomes idle. This is the best moment to attack with all available resources, including Curses.

Phase 2:

  1. The One Who Waits transforms into three eyes that share one life bar. Focus on attacking the eye that is not firing fireballs.
  2. Occasionally, one eye burrows underground while the others shoot fireballs. Dodge the fireballs, attack the visible eye, then retreat.
  3. After destroying one eye, vertical and horizontal fireball lines appear on the arena. Move between them and use dodges to avoid them.
  4. After destroying the second eye, the pattern repeats. Avoid the fiery lines to make the third and final eye appear.
  5. The third eye attacks faster, but has no new moves. Use remaining resources to defeat The One Who Waits.


1. What are the bosses in Cult of the Lamb?

In Cult of the Lamb, there are various bosses that players encounter throughout the game. Some of these bosses include the Witch, the Werewolf, and the Possessed Bear. Each boss presents a unique challenge for the player to overcome and requires a different strategy to defeat.

2. How do I defeat the Witch boss?

The Witch boss in Cult of the Lamb can be challenging to defeat, but there are a few tips that can help. The Witch is vulnerable to fire, so using weapons that deal fire damage can be effective. Additionally, the player should focus on dodging her attacks and waiting for an opening to strike. The Witch will periodically summon minions to fight alongside her, so it’s important to take them out quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.

3. What is the strategy for defeating the Werewolf boss?

The Werewolf boss in Cult of the Lamb is a formidable opponent, but there are a few strategies that can help the player emerge victorious. The Werewolf is vulnerable to silver weapons, so it’s a good idea to bring along weapons that deal silver damage. Additionally, the player should focus on dodging the Werewolf’s attacks and waiting for an opening to strike. The Werewolf will periodically transform into a more powerful form, so it’s important to deal as much damage as possible during these windows of opportunity.

4. What should I know about the Possessed Bear boss?

The Possessed Bear boss in Cult of the Lamb is a tough opponent, but there are a few things that players should keep in mind when facing it. The Possessed Bear is vulnerable to electricity, so using weapons that deal electrical damage can be effective. It’s important to focus on dodging the bear’s attacks and waiting for an opening to strike. The Possessed Bear will periodically summon minions to fight alongside it, so taking them out quickly is key to avoiding being overwhelmed.

5. Are there any general tips for defeating bosses in Cult of the Lamb?

While each boss in Cult of the Lamb presents a unique challenge, there are a few general tips that can help players defeat them. First, it’s important to focus on dodging attacks and waiting for an opening to strike. Additionally, using weapons that exploit the boss’s weaknesses can be highly effective. Finally, taking out any minions that the boss summons quickly is key to avoiding being overwhelmed.

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